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  1. General Chat
    I have had my fill of winter already. We got another snow storm last night, one week after the last one.. that broke and bent all of the trees over. Well we are outside shaking the trees again, they are on the ground again! The leaves came off the bigger trees, but are not coming off these...
  2. Weddings and bridal showers
    This is a spin-off from Ashley's "A Wishing well??" at a bridal shower thread. Since many couples now co-habit before they wed, I imagine quite a few have fully stocked houses with most of the household appliances and goods they need already in their possession prior to the wedding day. With...
  3. Weddings and bridal showers
    My dads fiancee's shower is in a week, and she is having a "wishing well". The other brides maid told me its where you get cheap nic-nac type things that the bride may forget to buy like cleaning supplies. I know it may sound silly, but I am at a loss of what to buy?? She already got cleaning...
  4. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Kathryn is 12 (!!!) today! :bdaypty: Yes, the poor kid is sick on her birthday. They sent her home yesterday with a fever of 101.7º, chills, and a cough. Said she couldn't come back until next Friday or until producing a negative flu test. So today I took her to the Dr., and the good news is...
  5. Third Agers
    Thank- you for all the "feel better notes" It really helps cheer you up, update.. I'm still recovering, had to go to the Dr. last week, the flu turned into broc. pneumonia.. Feeling better now, have been on a nebulizer & antibiotics, but will make the third trip to the Dr. in two weeks...
  6. General Chat
    A very Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. Health and beauty
    I see the day is almost here for your surgery. I know everyone will be thinking of you. I will be saying an extra prayer for you.:grouphug2
  8. General Chat
    I was doing dishes this morning and I was getting annoyed having the sun in my eyes. I immediately said to myself "Hey, you should be happy that sun is shining in your eyes, yesterday was all dreary & cloudy." It brought a smile to my face and I just closed my eyes and drank it in. How many...
  9. General Chat
    :reindeer: Nollaig Shona :reindeer: We are off to my Mums first thing in the morning so I will be away until the new year. I am so excited!! I havnt seen her for 3 months and I cant wait! Hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful Holidays:) :)
  10. Christmas
    I am going to have to write to the big-wigs at Sears. Or call them. What's the idea, anyway? What kind of a message is that to send during the holiday season? Wish big? But that's exactly what the Sears television commercials are suggesting -- wish big. Then again, why not? People in this...
  11. Education
    and for your prayers Dh came home late last night beaming. He felt an angel had been with him. He had a lab exam and another test today. But he had run out of time to prepare for them because of all the big midterms and projects he had due. So these were at the end of a long haul and so were...
  12. Secondhand Shopping
    They don't start here for at least another month. How I wish we had them all year long. We also don't have a lot of garage sales because most of them are town wide and many of them are on the same day. Can't wait for our first one this year.
  13. General Chat
    Just Wishing! All you wonderful posters a great day filled with Love and new ways to save money.. :) :) :) :) :)
  14. General Chat
    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year :toothy: Be safe and I will talk to you all next year Fern
  15. Christmas
    Hello everyone, It's Christmas Eve morning here and I am guessing that this will be my last chance for the computer for a day or two. Tonight is dinner for me and dd with a friend (Mel is still recovering and is not quite up to visiting) and then tomorrow and Sunday it's Christmas visiting. I...
  16. Thanksgiving
    Just a brief hello, sending love and prayers to all you American ladies, for a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving full of family, food and fun!:angel: I'm doing better. Needed some time off after Dozer died. (my faithful canine friend of many years) and life got a bit busy. Had to go to Vancouver...
  17. Christmas
    Wishing Spool~ • Acrylic paint and brush • Wooden thread spool • Marker • Paper strip, cut to fit the width of the spool • Double-sided tape • Ribbon • Self-sticking label Step 1: Paint the spool and let it dry. Step 2: Have your child write her Christmas list on the strip of...
  18. Mother's day
    Just droping by to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!! Ellen :queen2:
  19. Quilting
    The Wishing Star tutorial is now finished. If you have any questions, please post them here. When your finished your block, please post a picture (if you can) in this thread. That way we can put the pictures in with the tutorial when Sara moves them to the tutorial section. Have fun...
1-19 of 23 Results