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  1. General Chat
    Cat and dolphins playing together. [VIDEO]
  2. General Chat
    When someone mentions a country to you, what is the first thing you think of? Me? Geo political word association game I saw this on a forum I visit. You just say the first thing you think of for that country. It's really interesting when you see others responses compared to your own. I...
  3. General Chat
    and I'm not handling it well. After our Suki passed away I could not even think about bringing another dog home. But after many months I decided to start a puppy fund. This was for the price of the puppy and an EF for the puppy out of my money, not the money he brings home. Husband said that as...
  4. General Chat
    All this snow and wind is crazy. We lost power last night and this morning. It is back on but for how long I wonder? Seriously, trees are down and the snow is piling up. We have things ready so at least we are prepared. Nothing to do but wait it out. Stay safe and warm everyone!
  5. General Chat
    If you do? Friend me so that I can compete with you. :vibes: You can find a link to my profile under my picture. :)
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Ill start you off with the letter A for the name of a actress first or last name the next person starts the next letter. A:Woody Allen
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
    Lets try to get from A to Z words that fit in to the summer theme. Shouldnt take too long. Ill start with the letter A and the next person with follow with the next letter. A: Anchor
  8. General Chat
    I've had a few discussions in other threads lately about my feelings about "should" so I thought I'd share an essay I recently wrote on the topic... Should is a four letter word and I’m eliminating it from my vocabulary. I have become too bogged down with the shoulds imposed on me by others...
  9. Utilities
    Just called the propane company. Our bill for last month was $622.00! My word! In Florida. I called and talked to the lady, she lowered it by $250.00, but we have to check out our furnace. Even she said, that is higher than normal. I almost fell over when I opened the bill.
  10. General Chat
    that when I finish up year end and finish filing for January that I will no longer have a job... It has been on the horizon for the last 2 months but it is official now. BF has been out of work for 8 months with no successful leads and I have been applying for 3 months.. and nothing..I am trying...
  11. Discount Stores
    I consider it a discount store, but it's mainly a warehouse store. The Real Superstore has become my choice of supermarkets over the last few months, primarily because I've been able to cut my shopping budget in half. I talked to my husband tonight about Thanksgiving (it's October 13th) and if...
  12. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. This economy really is taking a hammering because he was expecting more. He even told me he got all choked up when his boss told him he was only getting 3.5%. Now from what I understand, that's 3.5% of what he made last month in net. He brought home...
  13. General Chat
    Todays word of the day is brought to you by Darlene. Here, Darlene uses it in a sentence: Thanks Darlene, first time I've ever heard that word used. :laugh:
  14. Stockpiling
    Lately when I've mentioned to friends that I'm working on a stockpile, I've had surprising reactions, mostly an almost shocked "Why????" I would expect that reaction if I had told them I was hoarding food. I'm wondering if the word "stockpile" itself equates with "hoarding" for most people...
  15. General Chat
    euphoric DEFINITION: (adjective) a feeling of extreme happiness and well-being; elation. EXAMPLE: One often feels euphoric during the earliest days of a new love affair. SYNONYMS: blissful, dreamy this is something that i do with my kids. i have this listed on my yahoo page. so i have the...
  16. General Chat
    See if you can figure out what these words have in common. 1 Banana 2 Dresser 3 Grammar 4 Potato 5 Revive 6 Uneven 7 Assess Are you peeking or have you already given up? Give it...
  17. Homesteading and gardening
    Hybrid or Heirloom ? Which seeds would you/do you use?
  18. Green Living
    For those vegetarians who actually like tofu and enjoy cooking with it, I would love to find some quick and easy recipes that include tofu. I love it when it's cooked right and I've had success with dipping it in batter and frying it, although not the healthiest way to eat it, it's absolutely...
  19. Freebies
    Free Word & Number Swatter for teachers
1-19 of 73 Results