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  1. General Chat
    I have been back to playing words with friends and I have a VERY close friend that I feel is cheating. This is just burning my hinny!!! After being friends with her for five years, I know the language she uses and the limits on her voculabary...KWIM? I looked back over some of the games we...
  2. Leisure & Media Arts
    I'm addicted and am always looking for more people to play with. Anyone want to play??? :hubba:
  3. General Chat
    Found this on Facebook and thought it was pretty well sums up most of us on here, and those who want a debt free life.
  4. General Chat
    Do you have the same with a song - doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing but when you hear that song it invokes a feeling of well-being/happiness/peace? I have 2 Mine Sunshine on my shoulder by John Denver. and Morning has broken by Cat Stevens I don't know what it is about...
  5. General Chat
    Some words just make you smile. I'm not sure if it is the mental pictures they invoke or just the sound of them. Or mabe a combination of the two. Here are my happy words: "Cookie" "Cupcake" "Puppy"
  6. General Chat
    Hi All... I was just wondering if there are any words that make you "cringe". Mine would be "Stupid", "Hate", and "Fat". They were never really used a lot around me in my "young" years, so I have no idea why they bother me so much. What would your disliked "words" be? Thanks... carol
  7. General Chat
    When my sons were little (they're grown) they had a few words they just came up with ----invented. They cracked us up. One of the words that they both used for awhile was 'McStructions' for the word 'instructions'. Like as in when Daddy is putting together something Santa brought.. "Daddy...
  8. Pets
    One of my favs to the cat: "Make good choices" :D
  9. General Chat
    Ran across this article about new words in 2008. The one that caught my eye in particular is in bold. Have you ever had a swipeout? :laugh:
  10. Relationships
    OK, who has some good stories about the thread topic! When your old man/lady said something that was just plain fightin words to you?!!!
  11. General Chat
    Thought this might be fun as another get to know you kind of thread. loyal dependable persistant intelligent honest
  12. General Chat
    9 WORDS WOMEN USE (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to stop talking. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game...
  13. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
  14. General Chat
    :thud: My little girl is growing up WAHHHH She has been saying Ma Na La Ba Ahh Ohh for a while now ... I have been asking her if she can say Ohhh or ahgoo or aehh... and she would vocalize those words I decided to go on to harder words... hello and mama... so now Can you say Hello...
  15. General Chat
    Just to lighten the mood how about a pointless list of words we love? My first word is: Kerfuffle
  16. News you can use
    Calming words for troubled times For guidance in these unsettled days, we corralled some of the best minds in investing. What we got was wisdom, perspective, reassurance - and a couple of TV viewing suggestions.
  17. General Chat I ran across this article on 15 cheap ways to stretch soap and such. The picture is a hoot; makes me glad my kids are grown up :) The article was interesting too.
  18. Just Tips
    Looking for different words you've heard used instead of saying the word money. ie. dough
  19. Freebies
    Free Book "Words from Jesus"
1-19 of 52 Results