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  1. General Chat
    Interesting real time statistics on who is hungry, who is not & how much waste goes on this world ~ Stop the Hunger - world hunger statistics updated in real time
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Hubby had me crying this morning, this is what was waiting in my email inbox this morning: "Happy 27th, Sweetie! Everything we've lost seems like so little compared to what we still have. Here's to still better days to come. Love, Jack"
  3. Support
    The black panther, cougar, catamount is "officially extinct" in New England. Although in a group of 20 Vermonters, 5 have had a friend see one, and one will have seen one personally. Last winter, DH and I hiked up around the stone cliffs behind our house. We saw deer trails, squirrel tracks...
  4. Vacations and Travel
    any way to get deals for disney world trip this next spring, flying too, from michigan?
  5. Secondhand Shopping
    I seriously love this place and so glad they opened here. I haven't been there in a long time and needed jeans bad since losing weight. I went to Gordmans the other day with a coupon(my favorite place for jeans)and bought a very cute pair for 20 bucks(regular price 50 something) That is a great...
  6. Secondhand Shopping
    I'm so happy. They just opened a store here and I had a hay day! Very clean and nice. I've never heard of them before and my parents told me today, so we ran up there to check it out. I guess they are out of Omaha. The only downside is there is no exchanges and all sales are final so I tried on...
  7. Preparedness and Survival
    The extreme hyperinflation of food prices and the government budget issues in the US have me really nervous right now. Add to that the unease in the Middle East and it makes me think we could be looking at some very tough times ahead. I'm stockpiling the food and getting ready to garden. I'm...
  8. General Chat
    There is a local website here, with local news, discussion boards, classified ads, etc. I was reading the message boards yesterday, and someone had posted a discussion called 'Making wishes come true', or something like that. Basically what she said was post any wishes you have, big or small...
  9. Freebies
    The first 100 customers that shop in-store at Cost Plus World Market on Friday 11/26, Saturday 11/27 and Sunday 11/28 will receive FREE a limited-edition ornament. You will also get a scratch-off game piece for the chance to win great prizes like gift cards and coupons.
  10. Support
    I broke up with my bf of 4 1/2 yrs last night. I know it was for the best but it hurts so bad. I just want to run away or sleep forever. :cry:
  11. General Chat
    When you are President of the World for the day you are allowed to change 5 things that you think will benefit humanity/be for the greater good..............what would YOU change?:) 1.Ban Space travel, have we not messed up THIS planet enough? think about how all that money could be used down...
  12. General Chat
    It seems that lot's of people have had "interesting" experiences with "Spirit" in one way or another so I thought I would try and explain a few things in the hope that people would be less scared and reassured that they can't hurt you. My background? I have " seen things" since I was 5 years...
  13. Baking Breads
    do I make homemade stuffing? I saw peperidge farm unspiced bread cubes @ my work...what do I do with them??? I need to stuff a bird and have some to cook as extra. Even if I do not use them I need to know how to make stuffing, lol.
  14. Freebies
    Free Subscription to "U.S. News & World Report" Magazine -
  15. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    World's STUPIDEST "Smart Person" advice - Law Prof says walk from your mortgage Professor advises underwater homeowners to walk away from mortgages Excerpt Obviously this lawyer has no idea of the financials involved. Just WHAT does he think will happen if said "strategic" defaulter buys a...
  16. Freebies
    Free Galley Copy of "New World Monkeys" by Nancy Mauro A savagely smart, darkly comic literary debut, New World Monkeys exposes the false idols of marital tranquility, small-town idyll, and corporate Darwinism in the dazzling voice of a majojr new talent...
  17. Christmas
    yep, that's me! for any occasion, but especially xmas. why? well, there's the issue of spending a lotta money... the issue ppl dont like/appreciate/want homemade gifts... and mainly the idea that I have NO idea what to get for people. who? you may ask LOL my family... dh, ds, heck even in-laws...
  18. Freebies
    For the fast, easy, convenient removal of graffiti markers and spraycan paints while preservering original paint and surface. Simply fill in your contact details below and we will post you a Graffiti ‘Safewipe’ with our compliments!
1-19 of 194 Results