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  1. Christmas
    I am notoriously late on wrapping gifts and have been known to wrap all at once on Christmas Eve morning. Bah!! Do you wrap as you go? Or are you like the Infamous Sumac who has no tape or can't get it together and just get going!? LOL I am committed to doing it differently this year so here...
  2. Sandwiches
    Sweet Potato Wrap Recipe DescriptionEasy to make healthy wrap that is perfect for lunches! Preparation Steps:Make balsamic reduction glaze: Ingredients 2 cups of Balsamic vinegar Directions Pour vinegar into a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. Once you've got a boil...
  3. Freebies
    Simply fill out this short form and receive a free club grip. Deal will end on 12/31 or after 10,000 submissions, which ever comes first. Golf Digest: Golf Pride Sweepstakes
  4. Coupons
    Heads up.....
  5. Freebies
    Visit to sign up and receive a free roll of Recycled Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil.
  6. Sewing I wonder what this one would be like to make and would it really keep the sandwhich together.
  7. Green Living
    While picking up wrapping paper from my son's birthday, it JUST dawned on me how my mother and grandmother would want us to open up our Christmas/Birthday gifts EVER so carefully (the parents usually did it with a knife) so that after the holiday my mother (when I got older, I remember doing...
  8. Christmas
    I really really stink at wrapping presents. It's not as bad as it used to be. However, it could be better. It's those odd-shaped presents that I either a) don't have a secondary box big enough for or b) doesn't come in a box at all. I had trouble with at least half of the presents I had to wrap...
  9. Make It Yourself
    For those baby wearers out there... All it takes to make a great wrap is : 5-7 yards of fabric ( woven gauze from walmart $1 a yard ) Scissors to trim off to the length you need 10 minutes to practic wraps ( i used moby wrap directions which have awsome pictures to follow and videos...
  10. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    Anyone find that by Saturday they are scrounging around their cupboards and fridge to use up the last bits of things so they won't go to waste before your weekend grocery run? This is what I seem to do on a regular basis. Today I am trying to use up 3 slices of bread that still seem edible even...
  11. Organization Challenge
    Well, it was already organized...sort of. :lame: I had a flat wrapping paper organizer that goes under beds, but the problem is, I don't wrap in the bedroom. I wrap on the counter in the basement. However, I've never been able to actually find one of those stand-up wrapping paper containers...
  12. Utilities
    Here is instructions and tips: Anyone tried using bubble wrap to insulate windows? I am worried it might cause condensation and rot the window sills but other than that it might be a good solution to drafty cold rooms.
  13. Utilities
    I've heard putting bubble wrap on window panes helps increase their efficiency and lower utility bills. I found this site And surprisingly it doesn't look as ghetto as I thought it might. I was curious if anyone's ever done...
  14. Freebies "We have our Purple Metal drum wrap manufactured with the highest level of quality in a US factory- made of high grade vinyl. This multi-layer product includes a clear backing, a metallic layer, a clear layer, a layer of color tint, a final layer of...
  15. Christmas
    I do use a few gift bags but I think presents should be wrapped unless they are just to oddly shaped to wrap. My sister hates wrapping and only uses gift bags. I have made small homemade gift bags before for small gifts, and I love wrapping gifts in brown paper and making my own bows.
  16. Needle Arts I like this. . need to see if my dd likes it. If so, I know what I'll be making soon.
  17. Needle Arts
    Here is the afghan I finally finished for my neighbor across the street. Good thing because she is scheduled for a C Section on Friday! It is a kit from Mary Maxim called Heartwarming Wrap. The book also has 4 others gorgeous ghans.
  18. Frugal Living
    Looking for some good wrapping paper ideas? Have a look at this. I always try to buy my Christmas paper on sale just after Christmas. What a great way to save some money!
1-20 of 42 Results