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  1. Christmas
    I used to use cloth bags for Christmas gifts....but I had to switch to wrapping paper b/c some Houseapes became "snoopy" around This year, I've ran low on recycled wrapping paper & I just don't feel like braving the crowds to go to the Dollar Tree to buy any, so........I have...
  2. Freebies
    FREE Roll of wrapping paper 19" x 76" from SAMSUNG + Free Shipping. Samsung Boosted Tweetwrap Those with twitter accounts. I don't tweet so please post if any problems, thanks
  3. Christmas
    Do You enjoy it? I hate it. :) It's such a boring detailed chore.
  4. Just Tips
    i saw this in my dollar stretcher email. it would probably be a good idea for those of you who do lots of wrapping. you know...reuse, recycle, blah ...blah.... ********* Instead of Holiday Tissue Paper I was telling my wife about The Dollar Stretcher...
  5. Christmas
    Fabric Wrappers are something that I am big into this year. People are calling them "fraps" Lots of different ways to do them. I am looking for other wrapping ideas or more instructions on how to make them.
  6. Green Living
    i borrowed this great idea from the "Dollar Stretcher Tips" and Leslie M. (just want to give credit where it is due.) i thought that this is a wonderful idea and hope that it will benefit others. Enviro-Friendly Christmas Wrap Most people can buy large gift bags at dollar...
  7. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Petsmart has Christmas paper on sale for .01. I ordered 45 of them shipped cost me .45. They have 4 different kinds. Go to petsmart click on the charties 2007 in the botom right hand corner then click on Donate/support click on In -store fundraiser the paper & on sale things are there...
  8. Freebies We value your opinion and welcome your suggestions to improve Uberwraps. Please take a moment to complete this survey, and we will reward you: supply your contact information, and you will receive two complimentary sheets of Uberwrap.
  9. Freebies
    at Walgreen's. They just marked down most of their Christmas stuff down buy 75%, also.
  10. Christmas,,284548_704096,00.html,2025,DIY_13731_2429100,00.html
  11. Christmas
    I have all my christmas done i just have to wrap it and for some reason i cant get into wrapping. lol I know i have to get on the ball or i will be wrapping all night christmas eve and that is no fun. I think i am going to get dh to help me this weekend.
  12. Frugal Living
    I've been really good the last few years reusing gift bags & bows etc. I know my family teases me and says, "Look Michelle here is a great bow for you to reuse!" I was wondering who else is good at doing this? I also think of it as a great way to be good to the environment!
  13. Christmas
  14. Christmas
  15. Christmas
  16. Home Environment
    As I pack up down here, I just came across all of my wrapping paper. I have a wrapping paper organizer (rubbermaid box with a little shelf that lies on top) but it doesn't really stay closed if I need to stand it on end. Bottom line, it stinks. Anyway, I'd like to be neater with it in the new...
  17. Just Tips
    Keep Wrap From Unrolling - Keep wrapping paper from unrolling and getting crumpled, save empty toilet paper rolls. Cut it open with scissors and slide this around the tube of wrapping paper. The paper won't unroll anymore and you just slide the cardboard toilet paper cuff off when it's time to...
  18. General Chat
    Received this in my email at work   Gold Wrapping Paper        I received this from a friend who had a choice to make.  It said that I had a choice to make too.  I've chosen.  Now it's your turn to choose.        ********************           The story goes that some time ago a mother...
  19. Christmas
    Christmas gifts. For the first time in years, we put the wrapping paper in recycling rather than saving it. Because I used very little wrapping paper, I just decided to not save it. How about you?
1-19 of 29 Results