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  1. Just Tips
    I paint and use a tube wringer to get all the paint out of my tubes. I also use it regularly on toothpaste and eye gel tubes. It is amazing how much more you can squeeze out of a tube with a wringer when you think the tube is empty! I opted for the sturdy metal wringer opposed to the plastic one.
  2. Secondhand Shopping
    woohoo just got another wringer i have 3 i think thats enough .this one is a Kenmore and a newer model-it works fine and for only 50 dollars its a steal now all i have to do is complete running water line out to the sun room and a drain down to the garden good day so far as soon as i...
  3. Secondhand Shopping
    just picked up 2 matag wringer washers from a salvage yard i do business with and the owner had 2 washers he just got in and sold me them as is for 25.00 each and all i had to do to them was oil and service them-they run very good -most people don't know that all the workings are protected from...
  4. Laundry
    He went to an auction for something he wanted and got 2 wooden wringers for $25! Now, all I need is a laundry sink... These go in the pile o' stuff for the next phase of the kitchen redo.... Judi
1-4 of 4 Results