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  1. General Chat
    This one was at mom's, she loved the hat.  
  2. Family
    Ashely took Wynter and had these done.  
  3. Family
    I'm just going to post a couple here and put some more in the gallery so make sure you go look at those too. Before Cake..  
  4. Family
    Had to post this..  
  5. General Chat
  6. General Chat
    We took Wynter to see Santa today!  
  7. General Chat
    After 6 days of contractions and labor Wynter decided it was time to come out of hiding. The dr. had given dd another hour before he did a c-section, after he said that, things happened REAL Those of us who can't take stuff like that(ME) went out. I went with her father downstairs...
1-7 of 7 Results