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    see here: 7 Worst Supermarket Rip-Offs Judi
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    I must be "crazy" none of them sound too weird to me! Here: the-craziest-thing-i-did-to-save-money: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance I can't think of anything "crazy" I've done to save money. What do you think? Judi
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    7. Toss your spare change into a fun savings bank or glass jar -- anything that will catch your eye and your quarters. I know one person who accumulates $900 to $1,000 a year this way and uses the money to buy holiday gifts. they have a listing of ways to save....this is not new. little do they...
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    I'd like some new yahoo buddies, especially some frugal minded ones. I'd love to get some new yahoo buddies. My yahoo name is kiernansmommy2002.
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    Saw this today and thought I would post it here. I didn't see anything earthshattering, but it is funny to see how this lifestyle is the hot new thing. Finally, for once in my life, I'm ahead of a trend! I did think it was interesting, though, that one person interviewed said she doesn't...
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    I knew I could find it and I finally did: I do have to wait for a fleece fabric sale but when I do off I go!
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    :smhelp: Every time I update my yahoo toolbar I lose my bookmarks. Does anyone know how to undo the latest update and go back to the previous version? Stupid yahoo update.
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    Yahoo stock rebounds on reports of Microsoft talks Yahoo's steadily sinking stock pulled out of its descent Tuesday on reports that the Internet pioneer is reconsidering its recent ...
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    I have my personal email address through Yahoo. On the weekend I got this message from Yahoo Customer Service. The All-New Yahoo! You Must Be A Part Of It To Avoid Your Yahoo Account To Be Closed The All-New Yahoo! Mail Beta Is: * Faster: Fewer steps to get things done. * Easier: Drag & drop...
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    Yahoo shares drop as it ends talks with Microsoft, may turn to Google Yahoo's efforts to revive takeover talks with Microsoft have reached a dead end, setting the stage for the Internet pioneer to ...
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    Icahn tells Yahoo to sell for $49.5B, or $34.375 a share Activist investor Carl Icahn wants Yahoo to tell Microsoft it's willing to be sold for $49.5 billion, about $2 billion above ...
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    Icahn says Yahoo leaders embraced 'doomsday' tactic In the latest effort to placate restless investors, Yahoo Inc. president Sue Decker laid out plans Wednesday for building the ...
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    As Icahn grumbles, Yahoo sets plans for ad growth In the latest effort to placate restless investors, Yahoo Inc. president Sue Decker laid out plans Wednesday for building the ...
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    Carl Icahn steps up campaign to oust Yahoo board Activist investor Carl Icahn doubts Yahoo seriously considered Microsoft's $47.5 billion takeover offer, deepening his determination ...
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    Help me if you can. Yahoo recently changed its mail system. My computer is older: a Macintosh iBook, and I use Safari 1.0.3. I can't upgrade to another version of Safari. And I can't afford to buy another computer. But the Yahoo changes have really hurt us. We no longer can send any...
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    Pension plans sue Yahoo for spurning Microsoft Two Detroit pension funds say Yahoo's board breached its duties to shareholders when it rejected a takeover by Microsoft. </img>
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    Yahoo! Take the money and run! Q: Should I sell my Yahoo shares (YHOO) at the current price even though it's less than the $31-a-share offer by Microsoft? Or ... </img>
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    Higher Yahoo bid could cost investment banks Five major investment houses that together hold more than $50 billion worth of shares in both Microsoft (MSFT) and Yahoo (YHOO) ... </img>
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    Yahoo exploring alliance with News Corp. Yahoo is discussing a possible partnership with News Corp. in its latest effort to repel Microsoft or prod its unsolicited suitor ... </img>
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    Yahoo officially rejects Microsoft's $44B takeover bid Yahoo's board on Monday, as expected, officially rejected Microsoft's unsolicited $44 billion takeover offer, possibly setting ... </img>
1-20 of 65 Results