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  1. General Chat
    Just ran into this place, thought id join...trying to find ways to save money and ect. Live in N.E. Texas, wife and mom to a 6 yo lil girl... Nice to meetcha!
  2. General Chat
    I am leaving tomorrow to spend a weekend with my church ladies in the mountains! We are doing it in true frugal fashion with all meals made and served at the cabin! No eat out January will remain no eat out! I will be back sunday afternoon!:wave2:
  3. Support
    :dis: Where to begin...I just feel so overwhelmed. It feels like I can never get enough time to do things between caring for everyone and everything. I know I do tend to put others before myself but I feel this is getting ridiculous! Between caring for dad, DH, family, the house, the cars...
  4. General Chat
    This woman has built a detailed model of Bag End. Really amazing!Madshobbithole's Blog
  5. Family
    A friend (F) asked for my opinion and I really don't know what to tell her. So, I am asking ya'll. F's child (P) has moved back in and wants to bring in P's SO (B) and B's 2 children. B has stolen money and meds from F in the past and will not take care of the 2 children. So, F would end up...
  6. General Chat
    Lucky thing I'm off of work today. It's raining pretty good today with wind gusts of 30mph +. We rent a 60 year old house. I went grocery shopping this morning, put the groceries away. I went to take the garbage and recycling out and saw that a 8 ft section of our 6 ft tall wooden fence in...
  7. General Chat
    Dh and I have things we want to accomplish. We have had a rough period for the last several months learning to live with a reduction in income. Well we really needed a reality check and I think we got it this weekend. We have a old farmhouse. It needs repairs. Dh is the handy man so I told...
  8. General Chat
    I will try to make this short. But bare with me. I am the oldest grandchild and am extremely close to my grandparents. I grew up next door to them and when I married, I moved on the other side of them. Well, in June my grandpa found a knot in his throat, turned out to be Lymphoma. I took him to...
  9. General Chat
    I have the laptop in my kitchen with me now, I'm going to need a cheering section for sure, I have 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 2 dozen regular cinnamon rolls to make, 1 dozen medium cinnamon rolls and 8 giant cinnamon rolls to make still and it's already 8:30pm!!! Yikes, am I gonna be a...
  10. General Chat
    I've been gone on some family business, and now have returned to the Village. Noticed that the groans are gone. Is this permanent? If so, good! I wasn't real fond of them, anyway. Anyway, it will take me a bit to catch up. Hope you all had a good weekend!
  11. General Chat
    I have been extremely sick. I have been hacking and coughing for days. I can't seem to shake this. On top of not doing so great with my fibro, I now have this. Please keep me in your thoughts!
  12. Christmas This is so cute. I don't drink this coffee but I'm going ask people who do drink it to give me their containers.
  13. Question and Answer
    Every where i go around here will only take one coupon per item PERIOD... thats why i stopped using coupons ... i hardly ever use them anymore because they are just not worth it to me. For yall that shop with coupons where do yall shop with them?
  14. General Chat
    Good Morning Y'all! :) Today seems like its going to be a busy day for me! Today I plan to put in a full day at work, come home and pre-pack my suitcase all I can for my wknd away. Hit a few stores to pick up a few things needed for my trip, need to watch another few items to clear them off my...
  15. Kitchen Basics
    Like---from your mom, your grandma, by trial and error, taking cooking classes, from your dh/so, or from cook books? :chef: Tell any stories you have about learning to cook--funny ones, or total flops you made (we all have! :doh2:)
  16. General Chat
    Okay, so I sent away for a FREE Nicorette starter pack, I recieved it in the mail the other day and started it this morning! :clap: I am surprisingly calm. :scratch: I am doing great! I hope to keep it up...keep me in your prayers, I need to quit smoking!:thumb:
  17. General Chat
    Just wondering ladies - also trying to get some tips to help me out here - how do you deal with something you thought was the best thing to ever hit your life and then realizing it needs to end and end now? As odd as this sounds, this past weekend my bf and I were having a quiet night in after...
  18. Kitchen Basics
    I came across this site while surfing for recipes and I liked it: More great depression recipes
  19. Single Moms
    My soon to be ex and I separated after 7 and a half years of marriage in January so now I'm doing the single parent thing. So far it's going ok, although we're still trying to find our groove. Just wanted to say hi to everyone! :grnwave:
  20. Dave Ramsey
    Yep, had 3 visits from him. So I'm DONE. Bad luck comes in 3's so not only did I evict him from the guest room, I've evicted him from the house! $400 in car repair (part not covered) & $75 in car rental for 2 days while car at dealership $160 for Vet Bill for dog (Oxford won't believe she's...
1-20 of 33 Results