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  1. General Chat
    Hey Heather... A while back you posted a link to an entry on your blog about how you make egg biscuits and you cook your eggs in the oven. I cannot find that post anywhere and I wanted to read over that entry again (I want to make some egg "McMuffins" to put in the freezer) If you don't mind...
  2. Education
    Checking on you. Hoping today was a better day. Has it gotten any better? The first few weeks seem the hardest. :cheerup:
  3. General Chat
    Just noticed your new picture--you look terrific!!! Congratulations on your weight loss!!
  4. Kitchen Basics
    I am trying to cut back on sugar and your cookies (avatar) are killing me, makes me wanna lick the screen.
  5. Health and beauty
    just looked at your pics and you have done a wonderful job.....are you also exercising? I have been doing weight watchers for the last few months and have done it for years, seems to be the only way I can lose, but anyway, I am really losing my focus. I really think I need to exercise (I KNOW I...
  6. General Chat
    I like to read the "what's for dinner" threads and you always are having really great sounding meals. But you have also lost 20 pounds recently. So my question is...with such good food on the table, how are you losing the weight? What's your secret?
  7. General Chat
    You getting any of this snow? Its coming down hard down here yet....:bigsnow: :snowing::snowing::snowing::bigsnow:
  8. General Chat
    Was watching the news and saw they had problems last night at the concert. (said 8 people with slight injuries..) Hope to hear from you soon. Hope all in all it was a good experience for your dd and you and dh.
  9. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    :present::bdaypty::present: I hope you have a great birthday today!!!
  10. Kitchen Basics
    Help please! I remember a post I think you started prolly last summer and you listed all kinds of meal ideas(one I remember and the kids and dh loved was taco noodle) I can't find the thread! Do you remember. You listed all kinds of things and gravy recipes! I have been looking all morning and...
  11. General Chat
    Hey Heather, you still up there? How much snow do you have now? If you have power, let us know you are okay please. :hugz: For those that don't know, where Heather lives they have up to 7 FEET of snow right now with no end in sight. Weather Channel is saying lake effect snow will continue...
  12. General Chat
    You OK? Were you guys in that 2ft to 3 ft range yesterday? Thank Goodness we only got about 3 to 4 inches . Don't want to think about 5 inches and hour.:snowing:
  13. General Chat
    Are you under this new Lake Effect warning for tomorrow night thru Saturday From the looks of things my area is gonna get it. Was wondering about up North. :snowing: :snowing: :snowing: If it will get this cold out of here from the ice I'll take it
  14. General Chat
    What courses are you taking (if you don't mind me being nosey ) What you gonna be when you grow up?:uhh: Took my neice up to visit a friend that went to Potsdam college eons ago.
  15. Kitchen Basics
    What happened to all the recipes you posted here, like the taco noodle. I tryed that one now I want the rest!:chef: I can't find them!
  16. General Chat
    Do you have Hannafords up there? Do they have the turkey sale for 39cents a pound. We are stocking up as there are 3 of them around here. Making gift boxes up for family and friends.. Will pick up 2 each day this week.
  17. General Chat
    When is your interview??? I am sending good thoughts your way:clover: :clover:
  18. General Chat
    Heather, I saw your reply on BamaMom's post about Sadie's Flea Market. I had replied as well, but I guess you hadn't seen it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Luck with the flea mall, Tammy !! But...but..Heather...Sadie's in Dothan...
  19. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I hope that you had a great day!:dancing:
  20. Utilities
    I was reading your post about the Removable caulking called Windjammer. Can you tell me if it has a smell?? I was just wondering, because when we went to the store to get it we found something similar & I admit cheaper so we got it. Boy does it stink. We done our windows yesterday evening...
1-20 of 22 Results