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  1. General Chat
    We are getting ready for a yard sale and have decided to sell our collection of magazines: Taste of Home, Mother Earth News, and Home. These magazines meant a lot to us in years past and jam packed with the info we needed to lead a more frugal lifestyle, and eat well. But like most things at...
  2. Secondhand Shopping
    I have started my list for season what I hope to get used and in really good shape..(won't buy it if is not) 1. work pants and shorts for hubby 2. curtains for the bed room in gold color 3. a wok and some cookers .... we will see 4. some church clothes for me 5 grandma pjs 6. pretty boxes I...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    3 November 2011 Winterizing the Yard 3 November 2011 Winterizing the Yard The yard is almost cleaned up for Winter. Snow will be arriving soon.The bushes and trees were all mulched with wood chips, and the grass cut for the last time of 2011. The various beds have been rototilled to discourage...
  4. General Chat
    Stephanie I know what you go thru, I am glad you were there for you dad and were also to run the business. I am praying for his quick recovery. HUGS.
  5. Secondhand Shopping
    That's pretty cool. :)
  6. General Chat
    Early this morning I saw a possum in my back yard! Those things look like giant rats. :eek:
  7. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Curious to find out how well you did on your yard sale and what did you sell.....Thinking about having one this weekend!!!
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    Today I got the best yard sale deals ever just down the street from my house. I noticed a beautiful window seat/hope chest when I drove by so I stopped to look closer. Perfect condition solid oak chest with a nice maroon cushion and she only wanted $25.00! I also got 4 shirts for my daugher...
  9. Secondhand Shopping
    Great deals, especially the saw!!! Congrats!! Lynn
  10. General Chat
    Hubby and I stopped at a barn sale Saturday. We got a trunk load of things for $20.00 Here are two of the and they both work
  11. Secondhand Shopping
    Its the one on Hwy 127 and is 675 miles long now. Yard sales are set up everywhere. Sadly I may miss it this year. I've had vertigo since Thursday of last week and although I'm feeling some better I'm not sure I'm up for it because of the heat. Anyone ever gotten to go?
  12. Secondhand Shopping
    ~And plan your route! I put my city in and about 10 sales popped up on the map in my area for this Saturday. Really neat! Yard Sale Treasure Map - A Yard Sale Planning Tool ~
  13. Secondhand Shopping
    had to take my son into town for some business and it seems everywhere there was a yard sale so on the way back i stopped at some saw quite a few iron cookware but they wanted to much for them -Wagner and Griswold-im not into name brands i just want something functional what they wanted for a...
  14. Dave Ramsey
    And I mean H U G E !!!! :laugh: I keep finding more to put out there. Yes, the kids really do think they're next! Cracks me up.... So the yard sale is this Friday & Saturday, but they are predicting a 50% chance of rain those 2 days! :nerv2: I have so much stuff, I literally cannot keep...
  15. Secondhand Shopping
    ~Went to a community wide yard sale and got some cool bargains. 23 baby clothes 2 tops and scarf for me 2 sets circular knitting needles 4 ramekins with one lid egg cooking ring pillowcase vintage shank buttons Spent $14.50. :sun: ~
  16. Secondhand Shopping
    this seems to be my "quest" this year...dunno. Anyway, here's another site that can help find yardsales and the like: Judi
  17. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I know the premise behind having a yard sale- advertise it, put out your junk, make change, and sell your stuff. However, I only had one before in my life, and didn't do so well. Does anyone have any tips for being the seller? I'd love input from both sellers and shoppers. What makes you...
  18. Secondhand Shopping
    ~It's starting to gear up here. I noticed a few in March when I ran errands. It's gonna have to be warmer than 40* for me to stop though. :crackup: I'm planning my first stop at a town wide one in a couple of weeks. I like to hit those and save on gas. Have you been to a yard sale yet this...
  19. Homesteading and gardening
    We still have LOTS of snow in the yard. I doubt we'll see the yard until May. I'm not kidding, either... It's been extremely warm this past week and only a fraction of the snow melted. I'd say there's still two feet worth in the backyard where it was flat and in the front yard, we have about 5...
  20. Homesteading and gardening
    I have a burning question that I am hoping someone can help with. I live in eastern North Carolina and I think my soil quality is very poor. I am waiting for my soil tester to come in the mail, but it is just a mix of clay and sand and it is as hard as a rock. No worms live in the soil because...
1-20 of 268 Results