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  1. General Chat
    Yeah for lazy weekends! I'm so sick of all the traveling lately for not very fun reasons. Woo hoo it is done until Jan as long as nothing happens. So what is everyone doing with their weekend? Dh and I will be kid free tonight :) LOL we are excited to be lazy and do nothing! So what are you...
  2. General Chat
    First yeah~ We got to Ky last week only to be told they didnt have the car we reserved.We got ripped off majorly with what was available! I complained to corporate Monday and they just got a hold of me and I was 100% refunded!!! Yeah!:cheergrl::cheergrl: Second yeah~ I found out where my...
  3. Bright Horizons
    I got a call from the school today and DD has been chosen to get a recognition award at the monthly assembly tomorrow. The teacher picked her because of how knowledgeable she is in science and that she is finishing her work. I know to most people this is not a big deal but here it is. DD has...
  4. Secondhand Shopping
    stopped in at SA for 1/2 off wednesday....hit pay dirt once again! yeah...did i say yeah? i got: AnnTaylor halter style blue/white flowery design alterations needed!!!! it was 4.99.....i got for 1/2 of that..... J Crew (unworn) khaki crop perfectly. just need front...
  5. Frugal Living
    I was looking at the frozen veggies at the grocery store we normally get them at. Today they had a "new lower price" $1.49 for 12 oz. New lower price!? Several weeks ago we use to be able to get them for $1 with the store card and on sell for 88 cents with the store card. The new lower price...
  6. Appliances
    I am debating the purchase of a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Here is the story: I did not feel like doing any baking for well over a year. DH offered to get me the Kitchen Aide as a gift but I felt it would be a waste given my lack of interest. My life has changed lately and I find an unexpected urge to...
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    It took 3 transfers to different departments but I found out when I pay the remainder of my cell phone bill $84 (which I am hoping to pay by Friday) that I can get out of my cell contract and switch to pay as you go. Yeah that means one bill down, and less to pay.
  8. Green Living
    Bundanoon is set to become the first town in Australia, and possibly the world, to ban commercially bottled water. Excellent idea! Read the article here Bundanoon is set to become the first town in Australia, and possibly the world, to ban commercially bottled water.
  9. General Chat
    not! Calgary got about 18cm of snow yesterday at the airport. I went to walk to the store at 10am and the snow was about 7 inches deep already! (I know because I had on 4.5in heel platform shoes and the snow was up above my ankles) It was that wet stuff too. It wasn't just us that got hammered...
  10. Success Stories
    We had a whole house water treatment system installed 4 years ago when our (then 6 year old) had to go to the ER and wound up with an intestinal parasite!! Not sure it came from our water but just to be on the safe side for the family's sake we had one installed (financed). As of last night and...
  11. General Chat
    Woo hoo!!!!!!! I need to pick up a few bottles of Grey Goose for the nephews, finish dh and ds and we are done. Dh wrapped everything. Out off 28 people I am almost done! Yeah! I even bought for mom's Jan b day too. I am so grateful we save for Christmas all year like a bill so the $ was there...
  12. Frugal Living
    I went to Krogers yesterday, and used $135 in coupons. My total bill that I owed was $235. That was quite a great deal. It took awhile but was worth it. DH couldn't believe it.
  13. Frugal Living
    So since my hubby doesn't get as excited as I do saving money, I thought I would post it here instead! I budgeted $100 for groceries this week, came in at $79, that is including beer for DH and birthday present for DS. :cheergrl:
  14. Just Tips
    My kitchen sink was plugged up. The side that the disposal is on. The disposal is not working, so the food was stuck. It was really starting to smell very bad. I didn't know if I could pour any liquid plummer type stuff in a disposal, so I tried the recipe for keeping my drains clean. Every...
  15. General Chat
    Woo Hoo, just got home from my mammogram and I am good to go for another year! Yee Haw! :dancing: :fdance:
  16. General Chat
    :yippee: I am not counting calories or carbs I am doing the fiber 35 diet. I bought the book, upped my fiber, eat lean meats and fruits and veggies, no cokes period regular OR diet, and I am just melting.:pblow: :fight: My stomach pudge is almost completely gone and that was my problem...
  17. Frugal Living
    My dh has to be on 4 meds every month and today when I went to Cvs Igot a coupon for $10 when you buy 5 perscriptions so I got free cat litter and a dr. pepper!:cheer4: :pblow: Can't beat that! :bang: If you have to buy meds at least you get something back for a change!:yippee:
  18. Success Stories
    I just sent in my payoff on my van, 35 months early. Hubby's student loan starts in June so we can put the van money into that and the student loan won't kill us now. The only other bill debt we have right now is Sears, it's at about $700.
  19. Frugal Friday
    Hi All Well it is Friday. Lots to do today and it is cold here 18degrees and supposed to go downhill from there. On the agend for the day 1. Work. Trying to clean off the desk of stuff and get ready to face the monthly work. I have brought lunch and breakfast. 2. Bank make some deposits...
  20. General Chat
    Finally, we are getting some rain here in VA. :cheer4: I can't remember the last time we had rain. Everything was looking so dry and dead. Already I can see the grass is greening up & my plants are perking up. Now normally rain would make for a miserable day, but today it has me excited.
1-20 of 41 Results