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  1. Health and beauty
    My doctor has recommended that I try yoga to help with my lower back pain. I am 48:sigh: and I honestly have never really tried to exercise like I should have and am therefore very stiff. My library only has 1 yoga dvd that you can rent for 2 days. I'd rather just buy a dvd from Amazon or...
  2. Find Your Kith
    I hope this hasn't already been created (i searched, but didn't see one). I am looking for others who do Yoga to chat with and learn from as well. Those IRL who I know who do yoga either don't have time outside of their schedules to just talk or get together for routines... or they're the...
  3. Health and beauty
    Anyone here have a favorite brand? I am a massage therapy student and need to wear black pants as part of my uniform. I have a few pairs--two of them came from Walmart and are cotton. They're okay, but they're not very good looking. They are a little stretched out and have faded. I bought...
  4. Health and beauty
    Looking for a good beginning yoga video. I think it will help me with my joint stiffness....hopefully.
  5. Health and beauty
    And how wonderful they are! I feel great from the minute I get there until I get home. An hour an a half seems to fly by. And one thing I find with yoga, that I've never found with any other form of exercise, is that I feel like I'm actually working my body (can feel the muscles working) but...
  6. Health and beauty
    I just had to rave about MTV Power Yoga. Not only was it interesting but althought it wasn't what I would consider really difficult but I was sore the next day -- must have done something right! The instructor really focuses on breathing which is so important.
  7. Health and beauty
    First, Hi... I'm Sue... still kinda new... but with many ideas. Ignore me if you think I'm nutz! :toothy: So I've been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years. I'm not here to preach about anything - I just want to be informative. I'll go ahead & state, feel free to contact me directly if you...
  8. Health and beauty Bikram Yoga is a challenging series of 26 postures (modeled after Hatha Yoga) done in a heated room. The idea is to stretch and SWEAT and get out lots of toxins. It is really difficult, but also incredibly healing and rewarding.
  9. Health and beauty
    Today we'll do the Breathe and Stretch, the next couple of days will be exercises that work on coordinating movement with the breath and stretching tight muscles. Being aware of your breath as you move will allow energy to flow freely through your body. Up and Down Stretch: *Stand with your...
  10. Health and beauty
    I'm going to post the first yoga posture that you might want to try. Remember, never force your body into a posture. You can always modify a posture to what feels comfortable for you. I try to do this at night before bed to collect my thoughts and get rid of anything negative that I have...
  11. Health Articles
    As I walked out of the Bikram Yoga studio toward my car after my first class, I found myself declaring, "If I can actually do this yoga, it will totally change my whole life." I had only been able to attempt half the postures, with the rest of the time lying down, just dealing with the heated...
  12. Health and beauty
    The last time my MIL was here to drop off Ayla, she brought me FIVE yoga dvds!!! One I am really excited about, it's called Yoga Sculpting. She also gave me one: "Yoga for Inflexible People" It was funny because the day before Carl was commenting he would need that one ;) Then there is: Yoga...
  13. Health and beauty This looks like a great site! Have fun checking the poses out :D (just scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to search for more poses)
  14. Health and beauty
    I typed in just now and came up with a great website. If I had more time to spend reading it I would...But I hope you can get a wealth of knowledge from this site :) I encourage all of you who are able to, to give yoga at least one try and report back to us how you feel after...
  15. Simple Living
    I dont do yoga but I often like to meditate. It was a struggle for me at first but it has become much easier to do. You?
  16. Health and beauty
    Anyone Yoga? I am so not athletic, but would love to try yoga. I am wondering if it's a good match for me because I feel like I can barely touch my toes. *LOL* I think it would be good for me, but am wondering where to start. Sara
1-16 of 16 Results