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  1. General Chat
    just thought that I would share some pics of my littlest houseape with some of his siblings. These were taken about a week ago when Dh set up the pool:)
  2. General Chat
    Oh my goodness...I can't believe it - I am on cloud 9 right now.... As many as you know, our youngest, Zachary, has Down Syndrome & has overcome many hurdles...well, today, he just added something else to his list.... at the age of 27 1/2 months, he walked 2 steps without any help at...
  3. General Chat
    We need everyone's prayers. Yesterday, my little one turned a year old....last night he woke up in the middle of the night crabby & sounding "croupy"....this morning we saw the dr. & she sent us for chest-xrays. Poor kiddo has brochitis(almost to the pnuemonia point). As many of you can...
  4. Pregnancy
    After 2 weeks of stop and go labor, the newest member of our family has finally decided to join us:) We give glory and praise to God for a mild labor and delivery. Zachary Adam was born at 5:35 a.m. at home, weighing in at 7lbs and is 20 1/2" long.We had decided on the name 'Zachary" because...
  5. General Chat
    I haven't hear about him for a long time. I hope he visits Australia soon.
  6. Education
    and I'm already getting twitchy on all the stuff I need to do. All in all, it's not all that much but I still need to budget things in. He needs school clothes, new fall and winter jacket this year, new umbrella, new rain boots, snow boots, and they have this shoe requirement at his school...
  7. Family
    This was at one of the orientations at Zachary's new school.
  8. General Chat
    Hope you have been able to keep him off it a bit so it heals faster. :hugz:
  9. Health and beauty
    It's not his first fish, but first fish we got pictures of. In this picture, he is using Gabe's pole which is way too big for him. lol
  10. Christmas and he said THAT IS NOT SANTA. He's pretending to be Santa and is wearing a fake mustache. I asked why would he do that? He said because he likes to. I asked then where is the real Santa? He says oh he's coming in a couple of days. lol **edited to...
  11. FV Neighborhoods
    Where are you? :toothy:
  12. General Chat
    To Texas and to PrairieRose's home. Pictures will be posted once they are developed. Have fun Zachary in Texas.
  13. Family
    I know this is pretty common for a lot of kids, but I am so excited that he's starting swimming lessons. In the past, he's had sensory issues that made him absolutely hate water. Last year, he loved being in the water and starting in Mid-April he'll be taking swimming lessons. Our local...
  14. General Chat
    I told DH about Paper Zachary last night and he loves the idea! I told him I'll take Zachary to the croc hunter's zoo and to the beach. DH is going to take him to the store with him and sit him on the counter all day LOL ! He said to me: "All those ladies must be as mad as you are." They...
  15. General Chat
    He's going to be learning all about the workshop in the next couple days and will be also homeschooling with the kids. I'm going to allow him to play in the snow while he is here too, and possibly even see if he wants to hit a mud puddle or too. He's pretty excited about going to workshop...
  16. FV Neighborhoods
    so if you have posted pics for Paper Zachary, could you move them to the photo gallery? Thank you. In the future, any Paper Zachary pics are to be posted in the photo gallery, so they are all together. You can post about it in the forums and link to...
  17. Education
    I really love file folder games to teach Zachary. These are a few examples of some I have made him. I got addicted to making these and have tons. lol We often do these while waiting for the bus. They only take a few minutes and he finds them a lot of fun. The colors one is an old one. He...
  18. Education
    I really like this site. I've been working on sound matching with Zachary and came across this site. It has a few really nice printables for kids. They had sound matching printables, so I printed them off. I don't have a laminator and didn't feel up to contac papering...
  19. FV Neighborhoods
    Here we go...wish us luck, its gonna be a long day!
1-19 of 31 Results