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Today I will eat for dinner leftovers from last nites supper.
I made a large pot of tea in my cofee maker that will last all day and stay hot-not using the stove and making 1 cup at a time.

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I have already:
Gotten DH up and fed
switched out dishes in the dishwasher (it's running now)
fed the pets
cleaned the cat box

I need to:
Get DS up and fed/to work
Wipe down the table
Vac up dirt the cat knocked over last night
vac second floor
wipe down computer table
switches and knobs cleaned

I was going to try to mow the yard, but they are forcasting snow for the weekend so I think I will let the growth stay to help protect the roots. Thank goodness I don't have any seedlings in the ground yet.

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Good morning y'all! Gonna be a busy day today. I've already:
~taken the girls to school
~cooked breakfast for the boys
~had my coffee

Still need to:
~do my hair, get dressed
~get the boys moving to get dressed & brush their teeth
~take the new furbabies to the vet
~go to Aldi and Price Chopper, maybe Real Deals
~pick up dds from school
~put away laundry
~watch LOST

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I got out of bed... that should count for something :laugh:

I already
~did laundry
~got DD up, fed & out the door (ride today)
~ate my breakfast
~ran the dishwasher
~started boiling the meat for dinner

I still have to
~finish cooking the meat and prep dinner
~shower & deep condition my hair
~more coffee
~get dressed
~run to the $ store for coin wrappers (bank doesn't have any)
~pick up DD from school
~get DD snacked and changed
~go to a wake
~watch Ghost Hunters!!!

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Today I have already -

Fed DH shoved him out the door.
Fed DS and drove him to the bus stop.
Fed the furry children.
Washed, dried, and put away a load of laundry.
Cleaned up breakfast dishes.

Still need to do -
Garden work, thinning out carrot seedlings and a few other plants, etc.
Wash, dry, put away 2 more loads of laundry of my Goodwill finds yesterday.
Do my twice weekly fast clean through the house.
Do some reading.
Start a craft project that's been waiting for me.
Make dinner, clean up.
Watch LOST.
Go to sleep...yay!

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We are having stew tonight from last night's roast and veggies that neeed to be used that sre in the frig. Have a relaxing day!

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I have a horrible headache today.

Went to walmart for some groceries.
Running dishwasher with homemade soap.
Laundry in cold.
Dinner will be leftover chicken.

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I am drinking some coffee
eat breakfast (done)
called my mom (I check on her by phone in the a.m.)
I'm waiting for dd #3 to finish her history/geography
I've got dd#4 working on language (she sure is working slow today)
I've got to finish getting dressed
I'm cleaning/re-arranging my cupboards ICK ICK ICK
I NEED to finish clipping my coupons
move dehydrated items from baggies to jars
make supper
watch GlennBeck and monsterquest (stop laughing y'all , I can hear you)
of course...more FV

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Mostly just doing housework today.

I am having leftover homemade mac & cheese for lunch. I was going to make chicken adobo (using Sara's recipe) for dinner, but Dave is working late, and it's his favorite. Sooooo...I'll save that one for tomorrow, and instead we'll have soup & sandwiches. I have sub rolls & cold cuts that need to be eaten anyway.

So far today I have:

  • gotten the kids off to school
  • emptied trash barells from all the rooms
  • taken the trash & recycling to the curb
  • emptied & loaded the dishwasher
  • cleaned the living room
  • folded & put away 1 load of laundry
  • changed the kitty litter box
  • and continued with the 2009 fling by decluttering more in my bedroom
I have more general cleaning to do, and then I will rest because I think I am coming down with the cold that everyone else here has had. :ugh:

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so far today:
* straightened/vacuumed/swept the house
* kids got their schooling done
* breakfast, lunch and cleanup
* washed a load of laundry with 1/2 detergent and hung on shower rod to dry
* morning pet care/cleanup
* got chili started in the crockpot for dinner tonight

It's a gloomy, cloudy, chilly day today (and will be for several more days), so we're going to just hang around the house today, maybe watch a movie or two with the kids, do the evening pet chores, etc

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Today was sunny, but colder. The painters were here all day. I worked out, did linens and pet chores. Caught up on some laundry .Took both dogs to the groomers, and picked them up. Went to the dentist for a tooth polish. Getting ready to go with daughter to the gym for childrens swim.We will also do weights. Hope you had a good one!

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Wow...Well I got quite a bit accomplished today!


Got up showered, got the kids up, fed and ready for school and we all left


Came home and did laundry and dishes

Made my bed

Gathered up all the garbage and recyclables in the house and got them out.

Went to the bank and mailed out bills

Cleaned up in the bathroom


Cleaned up a little throughout the house

Swept down my entry stairs and entry way

Cleaned up some more around the house

Mended some clothing

Made dinner

One child bathed and ready for bed, one more to go..

More dishes

More laundry

Work on my sewing projects

Then bedtime!!!

I've been a busy bee today!!

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I worked 12 hours again today and I took the last of my beef and noodles for my lunch.


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I sure feel like a slug a bug today.....

got up, showered and dressed
made the bed after DH got up
made coffee
went through more boxes for the yard sale
took friend to lunch for her birthday
in and out at the PO
small grocery shop
went through more boxes
made dinner
worked on taxes

think I'll get a load of laundry on - perhaps I got more done today than I thought!!
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