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Spent $170.75 today. $329.25 left in the budget to spend this month.

On my list:

* soymilk (3 cartons on sale) $8.97
* frozen corn (2 bags) $7.98
* chicken (whole) $11.75
* frozen mixed veggies $3.99
* yogurt (2 lg containers on sale) $3.58
* yogurt (8 small containers on sale) $5.20
* d/w liquid $3.99
* frozen cherries (2 bags) $8.50
* carrots $2.99
* frozen organic peas $2.69
* frozen blueberries (on sale) $6.99
* organic Monterey Jack cheese (2 blocks) $11.18
* Half and Half (2 qts) $5.20
* organic spring mix $3.99
* frozen organic corn $2.69
* organic herb salad $3.99
* power steering fluid $3.49
* toddler crackers (2 boxes) $4.78
* organic bananas (5.04 lbs) $5.49
* organic papaya (.33 lbs) $1.51
* 4-grain Scotch Mix cereal (.87 lbs) $1.64

Not on my list but purchased anyway:

* chicken (leg quarters) $7.57
* canning lids (wide mouth) $3.19
* organic clover sprouts $1.99
* organic wheat grass (5 baskets) $9.55
* potato chips $2.49
* canning lids (regular) $4.19
* watercress $1.49
* brussels sprouts (1.62 lbs) $3.06
* nectarines (2.41 lbs) $7.21
* sushi (24 pieces) $17.78

Whew!! That one seemed extra long for some reason!!

Okay, I bought the soymilk and bananas to make smoothies. Half and Half is for my coffee. Yogurt is for quick meals. Cheese is also for quick meals (crackers and cheese, although I just realized that I'm out of crackers - sigh). The brussels sprouts are for baking and munching on. The sushi was because I hadn't eaten ALL day, and it was 2p when I went shopping. I am weak. It is strong. I must obey the call of sushi.

The potato chips were also because I was hungry and wanted to buy ONE item of junk food!

The frozen corn and veggies is for the chickens. The frozen organic corn, veggies, blueberries, and cherries are for the parrots. (Although they may have to share some of the blueberries with the chickens and some of the cherries with me.)

The clover sprouts and watercress are for the little birds (finches and parakeets). The clover sprouts weren't on my list because the store never has anything but alfalfa sprouts. So when I see clover or broccoli sprouts, I snag them, but I don't necessarily have them on my list of things to buy.

The salad mixes, papaya, toddler biscuits, and Scotch Mix cereal are for the bunnies. The wheat grass will be shared between the bunnies, finches, and parakeets. The carrots will be shared between the bunnies, the donkeys, and the goats.

The chicken leg quarters are for the dogs.

The steering fluid was because I was told my power steering fluid was low, so I bought a bottle to top it off.

The canning jar lids are to replace those used in previous canning attempts that have since been devoured. The cut-up whole chicken is to try a recipe for orange chicken that I found.

The d/w liquid is because I was low and needed more.

The nectarines. They are sort of a limbo list item, because I was thinking I needed nectarines, but hadn't listed them. I want to make nectarine mustard, but if by chance I don't have all the ingredients, I'll enjoy the nectarines by themselves.

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That does seem like an extra long list for you, LOL! I'm sure your parrots won't mind sharing some with you and the chickens:) I had a few impulse buys this week too - those marshmallows, and I also bought 2 cases of canning jars for spag. sauce. BUT they were on sale, and I had a coupon. The funny thing was, we'd budgeted $150 for the week - I was aiming for $100 thinking the extra could go towards stocking the pantry - and I spent $122 and change - the 22+ is really close to what I paid for the jars and marshmallows. So close...
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