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got these tips out of family circle!! :D :D (11/19/02 pg. 43)

1) use meat as a garnish:
let fruits, veg, and whole grains be the focus of your meals.

2) frozen fruits and veggies are as nutritious as fresh:
and a better buy when fresh produce is out of season.

3) serve breakfast for dinner once a week:
have economical favorites like waffles and omlets for dinner as a change of pace. complete the meal with fesh fruit or a salad.

4) beans are a supermarket best-buy:
priced at less than $1 a pound, they come in lots of varieties and are great in soups, chili, veggieburgers,and quesadillas.

5) instead of buying brand-name cereal:
buy giantbagsof store-brand cereal and cut your breakfast tab in half.

6) think double coupons for the most savings:
and buy generic brand products that often cost less.

7) non-food items are expensive buys at the supermarket:
purchase these at discount stores.

8) keep track of the price of items you buy most often:
then buy them only when they are on sale.

9) frozen meals cost a bundle:
so avoid convenience foods.

10) monitor your nonmeal food habits:
takeout coffee can cost you about $3 a day, or $1,095 a year!
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