Living in the city offers great opportunities for fun, relaxation, enjoyment, and sightseeing. City life can be quite expensive sometimes but there are ways to live and enjoy your city without emptying your bank account. You can always live below your means and save money on food, energy bills and whatnot. If you want to also enjoy yourself from time to time, you can do so by taking advantage of some clever and cheap opportunities that can sometimes prove to be more fun than if you had gone somewhere expensive.

A Walk Around Town

Several cities around the world offer various attractions blessed with beautiful artworks and architecture. Taking a walking tour of these places can a thrilling and enrichening experience. Some cities have streets with beautiful lights, trees, and high-class shops that can be a great experience at night, with all the crowd clamors.

Budget Accommodation

Accommodation costs in many cities across the world can be a serious issue. Ditch the expensive hotels and consider vacation rentals that offer a kitchen or cheap restaurants, so you can save even more money. Other affordable accommodation options in your city may include homestays, religious housing, short-term room rentals, hostels, or camping.

Take the Train

Moving around the city in a cab will cost you. Train fares are stable and train traveling is flexible, and you can move around with more luggage, less hassle and less stress. Also, trains are clean, comfortable, charming, and there is no traffic. If you live in a smaller city, then buses are usually an affordable means of transportation.

Tall Buildings Offer Amazing Views

If you live in a city with tall and beautiful buildings, find your way to the top of the tall building and enjoy the magnificent view. Seeing the city from rooftops can be rather thrilling.

Visit Parks and Gardens

Most cities are endowed with at least one beautiful park or open garden. Visiting parks and gardens actually has health benefits. You get to burn fat during activities and while you engage in casual exercise. Visiting parks can help you reduce stress, improve your mood, and bond with family members. While you are at the park, you can socialize with other people, engage in activities, and burn some calories.

Beaches and City Pools Are Fun

If your city has beautiful beaches, you should consider taking some time off from work and enjoy the sand, the waves and the fresh air. Just like parks, beaches offer amazing health benefits including relieving stress, improving your immunity, and helping you sleep better at night. If you don't do beaches, you can go for city pools instead.

Dine at Local Restaurants

Big restaurants in the city centers are interesting and offer amazing dishes, but at a very high cost. If you don't have a kitchen you can try out the smaller restaurants. Skip drinks, be your own server, consider a combo or split a meal to help you save money.

Consume Public Art

Public art has an intrinsic and instrumental value which is connected to health benefits and economical values. Research some of the best public art locations in your city and schedule time for a visit.

Find Karaoke Nights and Free Concerts

If you love music, you can enjoy electrifying musical performances and live bands without paying, if you know the right place to look. Find karaoke nights and free concerts in your city and bring your friends or colleagues. Karaoke nights offer an opportunity for you to express yourself, socialize, and improve your inner emotions.

Become a Tourist in Your City

Assuming the role of a tourist in your city can be fun, exciting, and very affordable. Here are some ideas you should consider.
  • Get yourself into a hotel or motel lobby
  • Get a friend to show you around
  • Take photos in front of tourist posts
  • Visit local attractions
  • Book a tour

Attend Local Festivals

Community festivals attract thousands of people from far and near. Participating in festivals helps you relieve from the monotony of life. You get the chance to participate in activities that promote cultural harmony, and encourage you to embrace love and friendship.

Cross Bridges

When was the last time you crossed the bridge in your city? Crossing bridges offers great experience that adds emotional and positive vibes to your life and existence. You also get to meet people and it's an excellent opportunity to move your legs a bit.

Explore Rivers

Take a ferry ride and enjoy the water bodies in your city. Ferries can reach were cars, buses, planes, and trains can't take you. Ferry travel is comfortable, educative, and there is no traffic.

Stay In Another Part Of Town

Staying in one place for a long time can make your life boring. Book a hotel on the other part of town for one or two days. Take advantage of public facilities and mingle with new people.

Visit Local Museums

Improve or update your knowledge of local history by visiting museums in your city. Connect with other people, get inspired, and open your mind to new experiences.

Living in your city doesn't have to be expensive. All you need is a bit of wisdom and research to find the right places you can spend your time. Enjoy your city on a budget by taking a ferry, attending local festivals, and locating free public cinemas, karaoke, and concerts. Dine at local restaurants that serve delicious and affordable meals.

Take the train or bus instead of a cab, and challenge yourself to meet people that will inspire you. That's not to say that the advice is limited to your city only. You can do all these things in a city that you're not accustomed to. Just make sure to do your research to see what's hot and cheap in town, book a cheap flight in advance and set a fixed budget that you can stick to.

Kevin Monk is a financial advisor with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and also the founder of, a site that contains financial advice and tips on how to better evaluate yourself in order to take more advantage of your potential.