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Some folks just don't get it. Frugality can be fun! Even if you're not frugal, you probably know someone who is. Read on for a few little frugal insights submitted by readers. We're kindred spirits! Let me know if any of these signs remind you of anyone you know.
You know you're frugal when:

1. You refuse to buy something because you know you can make it yourself. Sometimes it's how you get your best ideas. When you do buy something, you don't think twice about negotiating for a better price.

2. You take your camera out to take pictures and your children ask if you're selling more stuff on eBay.

3. Unwrapping presents at a party or holiday, one of your kids yells, "Hey, be careful with that wrapping and those bows. Mom wants to reuse them." You smile because you're on your third year with the same bows.

4. You rent videos and eat out only when you have a coupon.

5. You've got your spouse "trained" to the point that he or she is excited when a purchase comes with free coupons attached.

6. You're looking at an old onion bag thinking, "What else can I do with this?"

7. You get gifts like toilet paper for your birthday.

8. You cut the empty tube of toothpaste open and get two to three more brushings out of it, save the wax bags out of cereal boxes to marinate chicken and put cheap shampoo and condiments in brand-name bottles.

9. You're still wearing clothes from 20 years ago and grow your hair long to save money.

10. Your quilts are like memories: That piece of fabric was a pair of pajamas; that one was inherited when grandma died; that one is also in a nephew's baby quilt.

11. Your son thinks that McDonald's means EI-EI-OOOOO and not hamburgers.

12. You mix the last bit of your lipstick with Vaseline to make it last longer, and half your bottles are upside down to make sure you use every last bit. You use dryer sheets ripped in thirds, laundry detergent diluted with water and half the recommended amount of dishwasher detergent.

13. You scold your husband for throwing away the soap slivers that you were saving to make a "new" bar of soap.

Excitement is figuring out how to line dry when it's greater than 75 percent humidity or snowing.

Your hamburgers are 50 percent oatmeal, and no one knows.

16. Your friends will start a conversation with "I know it's not frugal, but see what I bought?"

17. People come and ask you, "Is this a good deal?"

18. You can price out food by the meal and unit in your head.

19. You come home from work to a freezing house in February and find the cat under the covers because you haven't turned the heat on.

20. Your chapstick is causing your lips to bleed as you push the sharp edges of the container against your lips, trying to use up every last bit of it.