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2010 Christmas Card Swap

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I havent seen a thread of this year so far so I'll start it off.

The last few years we have done a christmas card swap, which I have found fun getting different card from all over the world.

If anyone is interested someone will collect everyones name & address and email address (thru PM's) and then put them all in an email to send out to anyone wanting to participate.

I am happy to do it this year :)

If anyone is interested please let me know.

The latest time i can post out to the US from the UK is around the 2nd week of December, so if i say that everyones name / address to be submitted by the middle of November that should give us some time to get cards together (especially those who handmake cards)

If anone wants to join in later i will send out another email to everyone with the extra names.

:swave: :santasm2:
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I'm in!! Found the perfect cards last year - now where did I put them? Mahalo for getting this up and going!!
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I just tought about it and didnt want to leave it too late :)

Glad your in MM
I'm in again! It sure beats getting the bills in the mail.
Very true.

I look forward to getting the post to see what cards ive got
Count me in! This sounds like soooo much fun!
count me in as well!
I think I bought about 50 of these really neat Hawaiian Christmas cards - ready to share!! I know that I'll find them by next month!!
I've never done one of these before - but this year I'm now in two! Whooohooo!
I forget every year how much for UK postage....It cost more to get there, right? Or am I confused....
Yeah i think so, it'll be classed as airmail. All mine are when i post to you guys, thats why i need to do mine early for it to arrive before xmas
count me in as well!

I've got you PM, but i need your email address so i can you the list when its finished :)
I really enjoyed doing this last year! Please count me in for the 2010 swap! :)
I'd definately like to do the 2010 swap on this! Sounds like fun.
....and the cards will be pouring in!!
Please count me in, too. It sounds like a great idea.
sure :)

Just PM me your address and email address
Do we have an updated count BC?
We are up to 9 so far

I am waiting on address from the following people


Dont forget to send your email address aswell with your details

MM you didnt send an email address
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