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So far this is my vegetable bounty for my freezer or on shelf.
4qts rhubarb
6#'s dehydrated mushrooms
4#'s sliced mushrooms
2 gal diced gr pepper
6#'s dehydrated onion
10#'s dehydrated potatoes
16 1c bags of butternut squash puree
Other: 2 qts of dried lavender
I'm hoping to still dehydrate apples & oranges for HM potpourri (xmas presents) & if I find any discount pumpkins, veg's, I will
put that up too.
What have you "put up" for winter use?

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10 pints tomato sauce
7 half pints tomato jam
4.5 half pints pear jam
a few zip bags roasted tomatoes
a couple bags of caramelized onions

None of it from the garden, sadly.

I'm still waiting for a deal on potatoes to make into twice-baked potatoes and freeze. I passed on one a few weeks ago because I was too busy at the time, and I might regret it.

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I have 7 butternut squash in the garage. That will last me all winter. I think I have about 1 gallon of sliced bell peppers in the freezer, all different colors. I also have about 6 gallons each of chopped tomatoes and zucchini in the freezer.

Everything grown on site or in the organic demonstration garden where I volunteer.

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So far I have canned
14 qt dilly beans
28 qt tomatoes
14 qt applesauce
36 qt peaches
28 qt pears

14 pts peach jam
7 pts blueberry jam
7 pts plum jam
7 pt beets

16 stuufed green peppers
12 pt sliced green, yellow and red peppers
6 pt apples slices
6 gallon bags sliced peaches
16 pt sliced carrots
18 pt green beans
12 1/2 pt green chilies
12 pt corn

I have been canning or freezing everything I can get my hands on, everything was grown on our land and organic, execpt for the corn and blueberries. I still have more apples to do.

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Isn't it fun to have all that good food ready to eat! i love it. I enoyed reading what everyone had put up.

We've canned and dried quite a few things. We've not frozen as much this summer. We dried all our sweet corn and greens (mustard, bok choy, kale ). We found that the sweet corn dried is even better and fresher tasting that frozen. We blanch it on the cob and cut if off to dehydrate.

Today we are drying butternut squash. I finally rehydrated some that we'd dried last year. I thought we'd better try it in case we didn't like it before we dried more! It was very good. It was so sweet that I put a heaping tablespoonful in my morning cooked cereal along with canned nectarines and canned blueberries. It was good!

We dried enough chocolate peppers to make 6 cups after drying this week.
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