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October 1st to 7th is Week 40 in the year. Let's boogie and get some much needed housework and things done.

This is how the challenge works (in case you don't know already)

...cut and pasted from another thread--written by madhen

Figure out your pyramid.

For me, it would be one thing today, two things tomorrow, four things on Wed, six on Thursday, eight on Friday, ten on Sat, and twelve on Sunday.

For you, it might be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc, or it might be whatever works best for you.

The PRIMARY thing about this challenge is that is should be EASY things!! No complicated "must reorganize sewing room" challenges. More like, "must take out garbage" or "must refill salt shaker" kind of things. Keep it very easy and simple, and increase the number of tasks you have each day to build your pyramid of success!! (Ooh, that sounds very new age!!)

Off I go to figure out what needs to get done today! Let's do it, people! :cheergrl:
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