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Aloha!! Has anyone else noticed that my skills are much better at starting the week with lists than the follow through? Well, I am not done with this yet and I am back at it again this week!!

Week of April 22, 2012 Sunday check Boyds LV Pkg for May Finish sewing 2 blouses hem 2 blue dresses Organize elastic, pins, cording for pa’u outfits Finish POMS reports Take pictures of May swap post pictures of May swap Package swap Figure out facings for blue dress Let out Kyla’s dress Finish 2 blue dresses

Monday Mail May swap cut out last blouse sew last blouse Call Sewing center re Viking bobbin plate Office Max – check use of coupon -pens for swaps & rolling cart

Tuesday 6:30 DM Practice - gym
fit blue dresses & blouses Finish SM IEP

Wednesday Finish costumes Printbills 6-8 card making Kainoa Deliver finished costumes & bills
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