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Many of us are working towards our dream homes. Whether it's finding ways to save money to buy a dream home, working at DIY projects or hiring people to help remake a home into a dream home, remodeling, repurposing, purging, reusing, or whatever means we're all using to get closer to our dream homes, let's use this challenge to keep track of what we've done lately to make our dream home dreams reality. :)

Not very interesting or exciting, but we're continuing to purge excess in our house.

Being people who are good at starting projects but not necessarily finishing them, we're also working on assorted UFOs in an attempt to cut down on the list of projects not yet completed.

We're working on getting more organized in our thinking by starting a binder with lists of what needs to be done, so we don't forget things.

It will be interesting to see what we are all working on in pursuit of our dream homes. Pictures welcome!
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