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Would anyone be interested in a canning challenge for 2017?

It can be totally up to any individual what they want to do. But basically you'd be committing to canning 12 different things in 2017.

For a monthly challenge, here's my thoughts. You can substitute your own if you prefer.

Jan: Beans
Feb: Oranges
Mar: Lemons
Apr: Carrots
May: Beverages
June: Strawberries
July: Peaches
August: Tomatoes
Sept: Salsa
Oct: Apples
Nov: Cranberries
Dec: Soup

Alternatively, you could just commit to canning SOMETHING every month or participants could try a new recipe every month. I don't care how you individualize it.

Would anyone want to do it with me? :)
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Yesssss!!! As a sub challenge I am also challenging myself to canning 200 jars of food this coming year! I canned just shy of 100 (really ill be canning french onion soup in the next few days, so I should break it) so I have high hopes for next year!

:) I will be back with my months!

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I have so many jars from previous years, pickles, jam, tomato sauce, salsa, relish, gardeniera, etc. I think my challenge this year will be to eat it up before it gets old and mushy/flavorless. I keep forgetting about it.

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I'd be interested in doing this challenge with a slight change. I don't want to can twelve different foods, but I would be interested in canning twelve different recipes. I've been meaning to try canning a variety of dry bean recipes and maybe this will be the push I need to finally get it done. I'll give it some thought and see if I can come up with twelve recipes. So far I've thought of:

1. Chili beans
2. Baked beans
3. Bean soup
4. Chicken soup
5. Black beans
6. Kidney beans
7. Hot pepper jam
8. Broth

Looks like I'm over halfway there, but the list is subject to change. I just canned sauerkraut, drat the luck.

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I'm in. Not sure about 12 different kinds, but need to can enough for the year.

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Well i'm not going to do months really, but 12 new things:

sweet and sour sauce
baked beans
apple pie filling ( dang it all! )
different salsas (I only do verde and a super mild garden salsa)
bbq sauce
sloppy joe starter
roasted eggplant and pepper puttanesca sauce (i'm surprised this is can-able!)

Not sure what else. Kinda peev-ed the new ball cook is 1/2 recipes, not cannables. Also a section on freezing and dehydrating. Which is useful, but not what I thought it was. I thought it was a remake with new canning recipes of the big ball book.

Got 6 pints of French onion soup coming out of the canner in 15 min. Way to ring in the new year! 6/200 jars filled!
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Finished 2016 canning 173 jars:vs_rocking_banana:

I will can 12 -different recipes as I can't tolerate canning during the summer months.

Today, I canned 6-pints of baked beans w/bacon.

2016~ was the year for canning mostly new recipes which I will list to be able to come back to as a reference..Instead of canning mostly meat I tried to blalance it with other foods.

Blackberry pie filling.
Cherry pie filling.
Strawberry pie filling.
Blueberry pie filling.
Apple pie filling.
Danish cherry sauce.
Pepper jelly.
Strawberry jam.
Cherry jam.
Apple butter.
Extra Extra hot salsa.
Mild salsa.
Blackberry juice.
Concord grape juice.
Spicy taco meat.
London broil strips.
Orange chicken.
Bourbon chicken.
Chipotle beef.
Chicken gravy dinner in a jar.
Chicken broth.
Turkey broth.
BBQ sauce.

I'm pretty proud of the variety that I canned..
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