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I will be planting some favorite tomatoes. I'm not sure what else. I had a small garden last year due to my health and not being able to start it early enough. We will have to see how things shape up this year, but I am thinking it will be on the small side again. I want to see how the spring forecast looks.

My bigger concern is taming the wild mess left from 2017. Some pretty aggressive weeds got started. Funny how those grow in the worst weather with no water, and the stuff I plant barely survives with daily attention. We did not spread compost last year, so this year there will be twice as much to move.

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Some of my goals are.

Planting mushroom spores into logs.
Building a bigger more functional chicken coop.
Buy more baby chicks to build my flock back up to where it use to be.
Tap our maple trees for syrup.
Buying perennial medicinal plants that I don’t have.
Growing from seed 100% more calendula plants so I can dehydrate the flowers.
Expanding the herb garden by 100%..have not been growing enough for the year.
Growing more baby pie pumpkins ...they are so delicious!
Saving and dehydrating my bee balm flowers for my teas.
Forage morel and chicken of the woods mushrooms.
Foraging and dehydrating wild medicinals.
Digging up the rest of my volunteer raspberry and blackberry plants to be planted all over my property.
Planting whatever I can at my dads with my step mother.
Maybe learn to harvest black walnuts that grow on my mil’s property.
Plant my potted 5yr old blueberry bushes in the ground.
Plant potatoes and onions.
Start selling my plants.
Forage wild apple trees not just for the flesh but for the cores and peels to turn into gallons of apple cider vinegar for my chickens,cooking and skin & health products.
Forage blackcaps to make deseeded jam since my family hates the seeds.,it’s my most favorite jam.
Blackberries I let go to waste last year because no one really eats them and no likes the pie filling or jam because of the seeds...I;m going to deseed them and then I know my family will like them.
Dehydrate raspberry and blackberry leaves for my teas.
Plant more ramps in a different area on our property to spread.
Might clear out a wooded area behind our house to grow more food.
Dig up and rehome 2-elderberry bushes that just aren’t excelling.
Dig up and rehome some red bee balm in different spots on the outskirts of our property to expand them..I love my bee balm!
Really need to think of how many pepper plants to grow enough for my families hot sauce obsession..“I make homemade.
Maybe make a few gallons of dandelion wine.
Will be digging up dandelion root and flowers to dehydrate for medicinal use.
Maybe sell some of my baby walking onion top sets.
Dehydrate lots of garden and wild greens to make my own vitamin tincture.
Save more seed.
Replace the clothesline.
Try to grow Brussels sprouts.
Plant herbs and mint under my fruit trees.
Dig up the horseradish and rehome into its own garden bed.
Started my worm bed last year by placing several layers of cardboard broken down boxes that I mostly get from amazon orders...need to continue that.
Start my herb, flower and veggie seeds in my basement.
Saved seed from my Cheyenne spirit echinacea and see how many seeds I can germinate and plant them this year..last year I did succeed but then gave the plants to my sil.
Dig up all the rhubarb plants at my mil’s house in the spring and rehome them at my house and my dads.
Dig up as much comfrey root from my mil’s house in the spring again to rehome at my house and my dads in case it needs to be put on the market.

It’s all I think of right now..

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Brenda - WOW!

My goals are to plant a garden, raise a couple of turkeys to eat, save enough money to buy a place of our own so I can do all the things Brenda has on her list.

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Ok...I'm KIND OF (meaning "SUPER") intimidated by Brenda's list. Mine is less ambitious/varied.

For actual goals:
Do a test build on a cordwood and cobb structure (meaning make a little shed or sauna or something by myself)
Get the foundation and hopefully post-n-beam and roof for my longterm cabin done (by professionals)
Try to sew something from scratch, by hand by myself.
Saving saving saving for the rest of the longterm cabin.

I will be trying and doing other things as they come up, but with a fulltime job and other things, I like to keep my "goals" focussed pretty narrowly.

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Wanted to update:

My maple trees are tapped have about 10-gallons of sap so might just boil that down this weekend it depends on the weather.

My Cheyenne Spirit echinacea seed that I saved last year from my plants have absolutely amazed me! I have the last time I counted over 50-baby seedlings..I’ve successfully been able to germinate so far over 80% with more germinating everyday. Now, the true test will be to see if they are true to their parent..if so I’ve decided that I will sell my plants since most people worry about growing from seed obviously no gaurantee and I’m finding my seeds are a success..

I also saved seed from my beautiful Baja echinacea which this plant blooms for months and again have successfully germinated the seed.

Calendula seed I found in my greenhouse 3-days ago that I had saved from my own plants and totally forgot about..I decided to see if they would germinate after months of being exposed to all kinds of tempatures they to are germinating..unbelievable how resilient seeds are they truly have the will to survive.

I’m growing store bought seed of Feverfew and Purple echinacea for my medicinal garden..yes, they are

My apple cider vinegar that has been fermenting for the past 6-8 weeks is ready..It made a beautiful finished product with a nice thick slab of the *mother*...I’m up to a gallon so far..have started another gallon from my saved frozen peels and cores to ferment. I can’t believe the price of organic apple cider vinegar with the mother considering it is so easy to make yourself for pennies.

I’m going to start making my soaps, shampoo, lotions,salves as soon as my mil goes into the Nursing Home so I can dedicate 100% of my attention to it. I’ve not been able to do much of anything in almost 2-months of her living with us.

I bought myself a essential oil diffuser looking forward to making my own oils from my own homegrown and foraged plants...this will keep my cost down to make my own medicinal products that I plan to sell in the near future.

Want to add to my list and that’s making my own pectin for canning..
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