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A lot of stuff that didn't get done last year.

1. Work with our dogs to get them better trained.
2. Finally get the garage ceiling installed and insulated.
3. Adjust to retirement.
4. Replace fencing and add to it.
5. Get our garden area set up and some things built for that.
6. Lose 40 pounds. There, I said it out loud.
7. Get bathroom vanities installed.
8. Get at least a couple of rooms painted.
9. Learn more about quilting.
10. Finish boardwalks and ramp on the cabin.

If we get all that done, we will be doing great. There are lots more things to get done around here, too, so this list is subject to change.

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Personal dreams for 2019:

1 Ramp up my sketching to aim for 1 book per month
2 Read 1 non fiction book per month
3 Exercise X3 per week
4 Take family on our first holiday

House goals (money has been tight so lots of categories here but will aim for 3):
1 Fix guttering
2 Repair Kitchen and decorate
3 Paint and decorate hallway

I could go on and on but the above is enough to get started with ;)

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I want my business to break six figures this year while cutting back my hours another 10% or so.

I want to pay off debt.

I want to have an amazing year (hard to top last year though LOL)

I want to have fun with my hubby.

I want to get new floors and painting and a new grill.
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Actually I want to expand on these, as I just went back and posted the results of my 2018 goals and most of them were accomplished. Might as well put down what I really want to happen!

My 2019 goals:

My Business:
Break six figures!
Reduce my hours by another 10%.
Publish at least one online course.
Add at least one new revenue stream.

Have fabulous trips to Jamaica, New Zealand/Australia, and New Orleans (and possibly other tbd destinations).
Plan a fun outing of some type every other month with hubby (could be local travel like a motorcycle day trip).

Continue my efforts to incorporate healthier meals and a little exercise each week.
Lose another 50 pounds.
Test block scheduling to see if it makes me more productive.

Show my husband my appreciation for his efforts on a regular basis.
Demonstrate my love for him in concrete ways.
Ensure my MIL is taken care of as needed and help her to enjoy life.

Declutter at least 200 items from my home.
Get home office redecorated.

Pay off the windows and all other debt.
Pay as we go to ensure no new debt is incurred.
Create a SEP-IRA for my business.

2019 is going to be an amazing year. I'm very excited for it.
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I have had the same goals for a few years but finally starting to happen more, things in the works. MIL is settled in a home and her place sold. DH is adjusted to that and not catering to his sister so our family can be first. That time can be spent on his health our relationship, kids, the house more investment in all these areas.

Continue to declutter the house and garage. Keep on with home improvements from the fall. Use what we have instead of things sitting going to waste.

Do a family trip, a dh and me trip and a mother/daughter trip.

Personally work on my health, mental and physical .. one step already made decision to quit a volunteer position in the community too many politics and lady cliques/drama. you know the type and that I am wrong even proved in writing that I am not. blamed for other mistakes. so there is so many others places to help out. One thing about getting older ..why put up with peoples b.s. not getting paid for it. Either you add to my life or you don't.
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