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Thank-you rujerro! I’m awake an hour early. Who knows why. I suspect Hubby had another sneezing fit in the middle of the night, because he was up earlier than I was. I’m not sure what we’ll do today, given we both had a bad night’s sleep, but supper is settled…I think. Our company wants to buy it for us.

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Last weeks plan...
Monday- Chili with ground turkey, using some salsa from the freezer, maybe even some cornbread...
Tuesday- cabbage rolls using up leftover spaghetti sauce (and this will be my lunch for days after, since the others will whine about eating it fresh, let alone as leftovers...)
Wednesday- tamale casserole using leftover pork from the freezer, leftover chili, and leftover corn tortillas
Thursday- Out for DD's 18th birthday-- she wants Carrabba's
Friday- pulled pork from the freezer, just add buns/bread and bbq sauce I honestly don't remember what we did! :rolleyes:
Saturday- Egg roll boll with more of the cabbage pastitsio
Sunday- pastitsio Baked chicken, rice

We did much better this week with staying on plan. I used up all the pork from the freezer making the tamale casserole, so we didn't end up doing pulled pork on Friday... but it was a loonnnnnggg week again, and I honestly can't remember what we did instead... DD14 was at a game and got fed there, the other 2 are adults now and can feed themselves... In a surprise move, DD14 actually ate all the leftover cabbage rolls, so there weren't any leftovers to deal with. There was a LOT of leftover tamale casserole that ended up in the freezer, and even though I sent about half the leftover pastitsio to my niece, there are still a few servings of that in the fridge... H will be on-campus for school a lot this week, and doesn't like to pack lunch, so who knows how long those will languish or whether I will freeze them so they can rot in the freezer instead :rolleyes:

Last night I cooked a chicken originally scheduled for tonight, and that gives me broth for tonight's soup and leftover chicken for Wednesday's casserole.

Tonight- Chinese Hot pot (sort of a cook-your-own soup... hink fondu-style, but soup, not cheese) with scallion (leek) pancakes
Tuesday- Breakfast-for-dinner (bacon, eggs, french toast)
Wednesday- buffalo chicken casserole
Thurs- TBD... maybe leftovers, maybe not
Fri- Pork schnitzel w/ egg noodles
Sat- Steak
Sun- Chicken stir fry

It is another very chaotic week here-- H has lots of on-campus lectures and labs, DD14's band hit us with an unplanned away performance Wednesday night leading to an unplanned rehearsal today, and I have the already-whined-about complications for my own school... If we can make it to Thursday, I think we'll be ok...🙃

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This week went by in a blur, I feel like I just did this yesterday. Weather this week is going to range from high 30's to low 80's, things may get shifted around.

-- lemon chicken, noodles, asparagus
-- chili dogs
-- ? with brussels sprouts
-- chicken and veg soup
-- pesto ravioli, broccoli
-- brats, swiss chard
-- chicken and veg curry
-- chili

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And we're into November, can you believe it?

-- soup, spanikopita
-- tacos, beans, tomatoes
-- chicken,broccoli, rice
-- beef or pork roast, sweet potatoes
-- fish, zucchini
-- lemon chicken, asparagus, potatoes?
-- soup?

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Mon 01 Nov Chicken curry with fragrant rice, Waldorf salad
Tue, Nov 2nd, black bean soup with pumpkin
Wed, Nov 3rd, Rice casserole with apples and raisins
Thu, Nov 4th, Jägerschnitzel with noodles and tomato sauce
Fri, Nov 5th, noodles with butter tomatoes
Sat, Nov 6th, fresh sea bream, potato salad
Sun 07 Nov. Mashed potatoes with Kabanossi; salad

Mon, Nov 08: roasted minced meat with paprika and mashed potatoes
Tue, Nov 9th, Pea falafel with yoghurt dressing and fruit salad
Wed, Nov 10, plum dumplings with cinnamon crumbs
Thu, Nov 11, Pasta with mushrooms and Sobrasada de Mallorca; orange salad with dates and nuts
Fri, Nov 12, Pizza
Sat, Nov 13, curd pancakes with applesauce
Sun, Nov 14th Fried chicken breast with lemon butter sauce, corn, carrot vegetables and potatoes

Mon, Nov 15, spinach, fried egg and potatoes, elderberry puddling with rhubarb compote
Tue, Nov 16, Grilled meat strips, mushrooms, butter rice
Wed, Nov 17th, Smoked salmon with horseradish dip and potato and carrot hash browns and wild herb salad
Thu, Nov 18th, pasta with tomato sauce
Fri, Nov 19th, Kale, Mettenden, potatoes
Sat, Nov 20 potato pancakes with cherry sauce
Sun, Nov 21, Chicken breast curry with coconut milk and fragrant rice

Mon, Nov 22, Bratwurst and mashed potatoes
Tue 23 Nov. Pizza soup, bread rolls; semolina with fruit
Wed, Nov 24th, lentil patties with wild herb salad
Thu, Nov 25th, jacket potatoes with quark and linseed oil
Fri, Nov 26, Fried potatoes and fried eggs
Sat, Nov 27, Vegetable rolls, green gnocchi, carrot vegetables, mushroom cream sauce
Sun, Nov 28th, Chicken legs with fried potatoes Waldorf salad

Mon, Nov 29, Updrögt beans
Tue 30 Nov, Red lentil dale with fragrant rice

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Going to be nice for a few days then get cold. Planning accordingly.

-- smoked pork shoulder
-- grilled fish sandwiches
-- beef fajitas, various fixings
-- baked chicken, butternut
-- pasta, brussels sprouts
-- meatloaf w/potatoes, or soup
-- out
-- potluck (out)
-- fried rice (take out)
-- turkey sloppy joes

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Brr! It's going to be cold this week.

-- potluck
-- fried rice
-- sloppy joe sandwiches, spinach
-- leftovers or soup
-- chicken pot pie
-- pork chops, carrots
-- corned beef, potatoes

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We had frigid temps yesterday and higher temps coming up so only a jacket will be needed..Crazy weather... This week, will be a variety since DH wants to smoke some brisket for my recipe and for dinner....He loves smoked meats.....Here we go:

  • Chicken & mushroom ragu over linguine (New Recipe in the crockpot as we speak)
  • Smoked Brisket potato leek kugel (another new recipe)
  • Smoked brisket with mashed potatoes/gravy, spinach
  • Breakfast burritos ( mashed potatoes/scrambled eggs/ham/bacon/roasted chile peppers/onions)

I'll try to make cookies this week as well for DH.....He's been asking....

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Cold this week with a chance of snow by the end of it.

-- teriyaki chicken and broccoli rice bowl
-- spinach and beet salad, soup? deviled eggs?
-- salmon, green beans
-- pasta with sausage, veg?
-- turkey, baked potatoes, broccoli, etc.
-- leftover turkey on sourdough, garden tomato
-- black bean soup, baked sweet potatoes

I want to make apple crisp this week, but DH also wants a cherry pie for Thanksgiving, and I will be making a cranberry fruit salad, so probably the apple is going to wait

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Getting close to the end of the year. Wow. Almost December.

-- turkey pot pie
-- hamburgers
-- pasta
-- asian dumplings, soup
-- bratwurst, potatoes
-- fish tacos
-- leftovers (fried rice?)

Need to look through the vegetable drawer. I know there's beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes...
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