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Around here prices go up every spring. I think I have enough in the pantry to make it through april without much purchasing. The hens are putting out eggs at top speed and still have 2lbs of meat from a 2nd harvest, and 2bags of beans, some canned peas, veg and fruit. If I remember to sprout some seeds and the radishes get going, I'll be set...of course it froze the last few nights so I am probably dreaming about the radishes.

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Updating for April. Used up: bacon ends, chicken pot pie filling, taco filling, broccoli cheese soup, l/o smoked chicken, sweet potato fries, cube steak, some pumpkin puree, sweet potato fries and cube steak. Using up tortellini and ravioli this week.

My list:

wonton wraps
bamboo shoots
breakfast sausages
chicken broth
cheap steak
country style hash browns
chicken stock
potato soup
l/o duck
cherry turnovers
cubed pumpkin
sesame balls
l/o sourdough bread
tomato paste
whole almonds
1 qt pumpkin puree
breakfast fritatta
queso fresco
cocktail sausages
beef meatballs
frozen corn


puff pastry
chicken wings
ground beef
burger buns
french rolls
chicken tenders
frozen broccoli

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used up a bunch of cans of corn, beans etc to make chili which now there is 5 containers in the freezer so stocked for the next few months. got dd to make the jello cheesecake mix that expired last month.

used up frozen fries, greek lasagna, chicken strips, couple bags of shredded cheese. lunchmeat as far as I can remember besides the reg stuff. some moldy oranges and apples thrown in the way of composting lol
the homemade applesauce went moldy so gone. then dh was there was applesauce. sigh. yes for months lol got ds to have the raspberry/rhubarb cooked fruit. he mixed w oatmeal. so will take the last one out to defrost for him. used up bunch of single frozen entrees too.

have lots of frozen fries and pasta sauce to use up I noticed. so pasta sauce, frozen fries and meat to make plans to use up. plus canned candy , cookies, ice cream , chips well teens work though that and we help lol

dh did pick up the ham for easter 6lb one w bone for soup later.

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Thawing out fish and DH boiled eggs.
Purchased tartar sauces, apples, milk, clearance sf pudding boxes, yogurt, eggs and clearance bread. I think DH will buy a ham for Easter. I may make a pumpkin pie. I froze leftover chicken & rice in a quart bag.
I threw out 3 oranges and a few slices of bread.
I will donate some items to the food bank today as

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ate up most of my spinach rotini but forgot anything to put on it so a tad boring. I'm giving up on the infinity of canned peas. I'm thinking of using them as a chicken feed supplement. At least they will get eaten.

Ate up some tiny oranges and working my way through the romaine lettuce.

Getting 3-6 eggs per day (the blue egger is hiding her eggs so might be getting more) (actual easter egg hunt!), so trying to eat more of those too. Still have beef and ground buffalo to eat up next week at work and a few jars of canned duck, chicken and venison to eat.

I'm set for proteins and fruit and starches this month. If I plan ahead, I can sprout enough seeds for greens! With any luck, will have greens in the tiny green house by May. Fingers crossed.

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Freezer used:
3 meals of garden green beans - gave to the chickens. I don't care for frozen gb, the ex did, he's gone so the chickens are eating good. lol
3 quart bags of corn
lima beans from the garden
garden celery

Freezer Added:

Pantry used:
3 quart garden green beans
a pint of dehydrated garden peas
1/2 gallon of garden tomato juice
2 quarts of carrots
2 Quarts of cabbage (they didn't seal when I canned them last weekend)

Pantry Added:

Threw to the chickens, fed to the rabbits:
3 slices of ham
1 cup lo gumbo
1/2 pound of carrots
bad leaves and scraps from the cabbage
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