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It's good to have a plan, even if it is just "penciled in", so you know you have options instead of having to order out. I take a monthly calendar and write in "chicken" every 3 days because DH is supposed to be eating mostly white meat for his heart. That can be turkey also. And then I put fish down once a week and pasta every other week, and voila! Eighteen out of thirty days planned for. Add a vegetarian/less meat meal once a week and there's 22 days done. Only 8 days left, and 3 or 4 of those are going to be leftovers.

Redspruce, I've found sloppy joes to be very flexible when it comes to ingredients. I grind up all kinds of vegs in my food chopper and cook it along with the meat. Once the sauce and spices are added no one can tell. :)

First week of Spring:

-- cauliflower bowl, kibbeh, l/o pita and hummus
-- take out pizza
-- chicken, veg or salad
-- baked fish, slaw or salad
-- l/o corned beef, l/o soup
-- chicken, orzo, veg
-- pork chops, sweet potato fries, veg or salad

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That is smart of you Red minced garlic is so handy. There is a local brand here I buy of minced garlic in water. I don't mind sloppy joes but the family doesn't. Pineapple chicken does sound good but today is the day baking those breasts. actually had popeye's last night lol was a bit of a hectic day so out of the fast food coupons family meal of nuggets won. plus it didn't come with the sides we don't like. and dh got the chicken sandwich and then ate a whole other meal so no real leftovers today. I raised an eyebrow and he was I am hungry lol well any reflux was on him.

I finally making the regency apple tart using up old apples and lemon. extra egg whites and puff pastry I turned into a quiche for ds and me. some of the microwave bacon and 2 ends of bags of cheese plus green onion. the chicken can be wraps or whatever they want. or still the pizza lol

Hard to find corned beef fresh here just as lunchmeat but it is so expensive like $15 a lb or something so of course no one buys it. then they don't order again. I do like it though

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Finally getting a chance to post my meal plan!

Yesterday (Friday): Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad
Tonight (Saturday): Going to a friend's house. They are serving corned beef and cabbage.
Sunday: Ready-to-eat beef stew (I'm working two shifts)
Monday: Fried rice with pork, and anything that will reasonably go with it, to clear out the fridge. Grocery shopping day.
Tuesday: Chicken noodle soup. Making the broth first.
Wednesday: Cajun Salmon Burgers from Tortilla chips and guacamole
Thursday: Something easy because I'm working two shifts. Mac and cheese? Soup and sandwich? Breakfast for supper? We'll see.
Friday: Olive Garden to celebrate my son's birthday. An ice cream cake afterwards.

I want to make another recipe from my Julia Child cookbook, but I couldn't find a way to squeeze it in.

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Hmm…let’s see…

Sunday - salmon chowder
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - marinara sauce and pasta
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - pork roast
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - turkey burgers
Sunday - leftovers
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