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It's my last day off this week. DH and DS are at work.

I need to grocery shop so I am sorting out coupons now.
Have to clean the bathrooms
Vac house
wash the bedding
and catch up any other chores on the to-do list.

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Update totals in my siggy
Clean living room
Check DD's sheets and see if they need washing
Go though my clothes to free up a little closet space
Shower while DD naps

That's it outside of the daily grind.

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It's a cloudy, dreary day. But the weekend is supposed to be sunny & warm so I can't complain.

I've already:
~did my wii fit 30 mins
~had breakfast & coffee
~washed & dried two loads of laundry
~put away three loads of folded laundry
~knitted for a bit
~took bacon out for dinner

Still need to:
~give ds7 a bath
~vacuum downstairs
~pick up the girls
~take dd16 to the SPCA/pick her up an hour later
~make dinner
~take the girls to the thrift store
~go to Knit Night

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Been a busy day around here today:
Send DH off with his buddies to Talledga at 7am
DD off to school
Grocery store for MIL meds and a few items
Clean in the garage (what a mess)
Post some items on freecycle
Drop off paint bucket for match for driveway
Lunch with girlfriend
Pick Up DD at 4
Special Girls night Out for dinner tonight

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I'm getting ready to do something very un-frugal. I going to call a lawn service to weedeat. We (DH, DKs and I) are completely booked with spring activities at school. DD has a softball tourn this weekend, and DH is putting on his own tournament to raise $$ for charity. DS has baseball, and the exchange student is getting ready for graduation and all the year-end picnics for all his activities.

Well, I'd rather pay someone rather than leave it for another week. I DID manage to mow yesterday, so the only thing left is the weedeating/trimming.

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