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Whatcha doin' today?

The kids and I are on Spring Break, so dh took today off and we're taking the kids to the Liberty Science Center. It's in Jersey City, near the Statue of Liberty, which they love to see. There are lots of hands-on things for the kids to do and see and it's educational. We were going to go to the Bronx Zoo, but the forecast calls for snow, unbelievably. So, an indoor activity it is. The best part is that dh's company has a deal with certain places, like the Science Center, so while admission is usually quite expensive, we get in for free. I'm toying with packing lunches or letting the kids buy lunch when we get there. I've been putting aside some "Spring Break cash" so there could be some treats over the break. We'll see.

Tonight, I have choir practice. I'm in 4 Lenten services this week, so can't skip rehearsal tonight. We'll be practicing the general choir stuff as well as the quartet I'm singing in. That is always fun, as I enjoy performing.

I've finished three books so far this break. I hope to get another one started today after the Science Center. I've also tossed a bag of trash from the office, and would love to find more stuff to freecycle or toss. :)

So, what's on your agenda for the day?

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Cold weather go away! UGHGH! It has been so nice here, now it's back down in the 30's. Supposed to warm up tomorrow though.
so for today.....

-up, showered, dressed, coffee, fv
-kids on the school bus
-chicken in the crock pot for supper
-laundry started

Yet to Do
-work until noon
-general house cleaning and laundry
-finish supper and clean up kitchen
-watch TBL
-take dd to praise band practice

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I have to shake the sleep from my head and get a running start to the day.

The Old Man took over this morning and he got DD fed, ready and drove her to school. He will be going to the grocery store on the way home too. :mdance:

I... am sipping coffee. :laugh: It's one of those days.

I need to

  • hit the thrift store next to the school around 10 today. DD's jumpers are starting to look like mini-dresses :faint: I could buy them at the uniform store, but they are $35 there and $1 at the thrift... hmmm... hard choice :whistle:
  • continue my attack on the laundry!!! I finally sorted all of DD's clothes in to school, house & donate. Her mountain is now a molehill... small victory that will hopefully give me the inspiration to finish.
  • comfort the empty dishwasher that is longing to be filled
  • dye DD's socks -- back to the whole "who has navy blue in spring??" If it works, I will save a LOT of money the next school year!
  • drink more coffee... the world is safer that way
  • get ready for the trip in to the Children's Hosp. tomorrow.
  • wash the slider windows -- unless it is raining or they actually get around to blowing the driveway today.
  • re-draw the floor plans - so not happy with the last set
  • make lunch for the Old Man and me
  • pick up DD from school
  • help with homework
  • cook dinner

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Amy ~ Impressive list!

Our plans for our spring break include:
3 birthday parties ~ 1 down 2 to go
1 baby shower ~ DONE!
Scrub carpets ~ dh did for them for me :)
Clean garage ~ as soon as the snow melts
Lunch with Aunt ~ canceled
Read, read, read
Hem pants

Long story short ~ not sure what will get done today, since I have to postpone the garage.

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I plan on getting my house cleaned up today.
~Laundry if there is enough for a full load
~Do some mending today, DH has some pants with a hole, DS's jacket has a small hole...just things that need repair!
~Pick up the mess in my bedroom...I started cleaning out the closet and now there is a big pile of stuff on the floor that needs to be sorted and donated, pitched or sold!
~Some crafting today, sew together either a purse or apron today
~Get to the library to get some large print books for working out

Other than that, I have minor stuff like getting the kids up, fed and off to school!

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DH is up and fed. DS has the day off so I am letting him and DD both sleep in this morning. While the house is quiet I am going to try to break up the to-do list into chunks for the next three days.
Today I need to:

Balance the check book
Go to the library
Grocery shop
Finish Laundry
Iron clothes

After every thing is sorted out housework wise I am sure there will be several other things. Saw the thread on the spring clean/purge challenge and that has me thinking I really need to put that on the list.

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Oh let's see... it's snowing:cry: so I won't be outside doing any flower admirering. My fiancee is sleeping all day since he will be doing night delivery this week so I can't make any noise cleaning house. I guess you guys are stuck with my rambling all day.:lol3:
Once fiancee is up I have to fix dinner, wash dishes, and sweep kitchen. The rest will have to wait until this weekend when I'm off work.


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Beautiful sunny day once again. Will be working outside most of the day. Have to run and pick up FIL's medication later and will probably stop by Goodwill since the truck comes in today. General clean-up, maybe bake something. I need to make my composter today for sure and want to take a walk around the property seeing how things held up over the winter. ALOT of the snow is gone... mostly in the bushes and where DH plowed is all that is left. Ground is still frozen solid though.

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It is sunny this morning and is supposed to get up in the mid 50's. Thank Goodness!I have finished the linens and the pet chores, also completed my workout. I am going to do a couple of hours at the church clothes closet. I need to stop at Penny's to see if I can find some new tennis shoes while I am out. I am going to meet my son at the gym to swim and do weights if he can get away for an hour or two this afternoon. Will try to get in a little more spring cleaning if I have time.I am taking the girls to ballet after school, and will pick them up. Then supper and a movie. Usual Tuesday routine. Have a good one!

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Good morning!:cheergrl:
Here is my list of "to do's" for today:

Pays our bills and my mother's who is in assisted living.
After work I need to stop at Goodwill and see what goodies they got in today.
Go fix my mom's medication.
Pick up prescription at pharmacy.
Finish laundry
Clean up my bedroom and finish going thru the clothes that I have pulled out of the closet and see what I want to keep and what to put in garage sale.
Clean bathroom
Then I am going to curl up with my library book and relax!!


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Well, it was 34 here this morning and SNOWING when I took the kids to drop them at school.
Tomorrows weather? High is supposed to be 75, go figure??

I've got taco soup in the crockpot for dinner and that's as far as I've gotten this morning.
Cold weather=lazy morning.

But I need to

~wash 1 load of laundry
~dust the den
~vacuum the den
~change the sheets on our bed
~clean our bathroom
~make a batch of egg salad for sandwiches (14 dd. requested it this morning)

If I get 4 out of the 6 accomplished, it will be a produtive day.

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Let's see...spring break here...ds is at a sleepover.
I'm working all day~after work I need to go buy more coffee. MUST HAVE COFFEE~!!!It's on sale..and I'm all over that~
~When I get home I need to:
1. Run the dishwasher. It's loaded from a birthday party last night, but I ran enough water for the day. (We have a well).
2. Make dinner
3. 3 loads of laundry
4. vacuum livingroom and bedroom
5. After the kitchen is cleaned up..maybe I can watch some TV.

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Good Morning on this 'Tightwad Tuesday'! :cowwave:

Hhhmmm....My plans this morning....
First off, I absolutely must finish my coffee...:coffee3: (Didn't sleep well last night...)
Load the Dishwasher-Done
Check out FV-In Process
Dinner-Not Done-Mmmmmm...Think I'll have Ham Fried Rice from left over brown rice and ham and egg rolls, so dinner shouldn't take long to fix...
Run to a couple of stores for the end of the sale week specials. Thankfully they're on the way to my dd's school-so no wasted gas.:wave2:
The rest of the day...To be decided as the day wears on after my coffee...:coffee:

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Today is a beautiful day, sunny but a little breezy. My son has a dr. appointment at 1pm to have a tick bite looked at. He was bit by a deer tick. I plan on working out in my yard. I have leaves to rake, sticks to pick up, and weeds to pull. I'm also going through some junk in the garage. I need to price some 2 pound density foam to make a new cover for my hot tub. I found the instructions on ehow. I'd like to go to my local thrift store The Spot to see what they have there. I'm looking for canning supplies. I'll see what I get done or add and post later.

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Well this afternoon is busy for me
Have 4 phone MS to complete, 1 electronic and 2 dinner Drive thru.
So far I have swiftered the kitchen. Put turkey chili in the crock.
Got hubby off to work with his fruit and lunch packed.
Need to rock and roll in a few
Have a nice day all!!!

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It's a quiet day. Not going anywhere or spending anything :) The boys & I just watched the original The Day The Earth Stood Still, it's a good movie! The boys want to see the new one now :rolleyes:

I still need to:
~empty hampers
~take out the bacon for dinner
~pick up the downstairs
~make a phone call
~pick up the girls from school
~take dd16 to the SPCA to volunteer/pick her up an hour later
~make dinner
~watch TBL

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I'm making DH's :cake: at the moment
oatmeal for breakfast
brown bag lunch is good to go
coffee is perking and trvel cups are ready to be filled
Easter activities prepped for school
Ready for 9 AM parent meeting
meeting after school
dinner in freezer
paperwork + sewing tonight
stationary bike after school

Love starting a day like this!!

Enjoy your day!!

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Today is a lazy day for me because I got so much done yesterday. Just basic stuff with the kids, cooking dinner, and watching American Idol tonight. :D

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We are on spring break this week.

Making kids make a get well card for their grandma who broke her arm.

Doing our resurrection eggs again today.

Doing some easter crafts to keep the kids busy.

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Well, my plans for today are as follows:
~Go to the gym(done)
~Get kids lessons going(in progress)
~Laundry(in progress)
~Water outdoor plants and pull out the dying ones(done)
~Get Baskets out to start putting candy in
~Drop off donation stuff(done)
~Clean floors(done)
~Put away errant items(in progress)
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