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50 bucks for a cake!!!

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So it's my baby's 5th birthday. We aren't having a party for her but we will be going to my parents house and I told her she could help me pick out her cake. OF course she insisted it had to be the cake that's made with a real barbie.
I remember my older daughter having one like this but I can't imagine I paid 50 bucks for it. Really it's not a very large cake.
I didn't order it but I'm thinking I could do it myself.

anyone ever make one of these? Any ideas on how to do this without buying a special pan?
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I have just the pyrex bowl. Looks like I'm off to buy a barbie. Will post pics when it's done on MONDAY.
Lucky for me my kids prefer when I make things for them rather then buying. Warning: I may have many talents but cakes are not one of them.
Oh you're not alone. I stink at making cakes too. The only cake I've made that turned out awesome was a heart-shaped cake. I bake one round cake and one square cake, then half the round cake and attach it to two sides of the square cake with some frosting.

I'd loooove to be able to make a cake like that.
I'm just glad I was never a Barbie girl. It sounds like my mom would have ripped her hair out before trying to do a cake like that. It's cute, though. :)
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