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50 bucks for a cake!!!

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So it's my baby's 5th birthday. We aren't having a party for her but we will be going to my parents house and I told her she could help me pick out her cake. OF course she insisted it had to be the cake that's made with a real barbie.
I remember my older daughter having one like this but I can't imagine I paid 50 bucks for it. Really it's not a very large cake.
I didn't order it but I'm thinking I could do it myself.

anyone ever make one of these? Any ideas on how to do this without buying a special pan?
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Here is what I would do. Bake several round cakes. Stack them, layered frosting to hold them up. (May need little wooden dowel rods for support). Stick Barbie in middle.

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You will do AWESOME! Post pictures please!

ETA--I saw one site that said to bake the cake in a glass pyrex bowl--I never would have thought to do that. It's certainly easier than my suggestion of baking multiple round cakes.
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I wouldn't cut her legs off! Why waste a Barbie? Your daughter can have it as a toy!
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