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50 strawberry plants

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I just ordered 50 strawberry plants off of QVC from a company called Parks. They come with hanging bags so I can hang them up on my patio walls. I'm going to have strawberry's coming out my ears. I'll probably be asking for help later this summer for ideas of what to do with them all. Here's the link:

I'm crazy right? LOL! I've never grown a thing and I figured these were failproof. They'll be here in early May. I hope I don't kill them. :rolleyes:
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Of course you are invited. I need you to teach me to make strawberry preserves and pie silly. LOL!!


I hope so too. They said they are bred to be blooming through the whole summer, big, and juicy.

I'm going to get the kids involved in caring for them. I figure it's a good way to get them to eat good. My ds eats no fruits, but I have a feeling that if he grows them he'll eat them. ;) We already talked about it this afternoon. He says he's excited.

I told my dh we'll need to finally buy a foodsaver to freeze and save all the strawberries we are going to grow. LOL! We keep putting it off. :rolleyes:

That sounds delicious. I'm in N California. When can I expect you?LOL!! I figure they'll be coming in real good in June and July. LOL!
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