You want your house to be snatched off the market as quickly as possible. That way, another family can enjoy it, and you can move on. To sell fast and benefit financially, preparing your home begins with a number of improvements and considerations. Check out these six tips to sell your house quickly.

1. Create a Pleasant Ambiance

When a potential buyer walks into your house for the first time, you want the first impression to stick. The way the house looks, smells and feels all contribute to the experience. Staging your home, especially while you're still living in it, may seem odd, but it can help potential buyers imagine themselves in your house.

According to the Association of Realtors, 49 percent of buyers' agents said that staging was the most significant factor in the buyer's opinion of the home. Bake a fresh batch of cookies, build a fire in the fireplace, set out flowers or play a relaxing tune right before potential buyers arrive to help create the ideal ambiance.

2. Clean up Clutter and Use Storage

If you want your house to appeal to people, get rid of extra clutter. A mess is hard to look past, even if the buyers know it won't be there once you've moved out. The organization allows people to see what's beneath your possessions and understand the size of the rooms.

You can invest in a storage unit to remove the bulk of your possessions so that they're out of the way. Closet space is a must-have for many buyers, so make some room in your closets by transporting your stuff to storage outside your home.

Tidying up your home is crucial, but depersonalizing it can also help potential buyers envision what their life would look like inside your place. Your family pictures on the mantle may be memorable, but you want new homeowners to make their own memories in the house.

3. Fix Any Broken Items

Basic repairs and a little makeover can turn your house around in the eyes of buyers. Broken fixtures or weathered areas should be spruced up, so the place is looking its best. Apply a coat of paint to the exterior and fix leaks so that the inspection process goes smoothly and quickly. Also, repair any cracks, chips, stains or other damage you encounter inside and out.

4. Fill in Any Cracks in the Driveway

What do your potential buyers see before they reach your front door? It's probably the driveway, and that sets the scene for their first impression of the property. If the driveway is cracked and deteriorating, it can reflect poorly on the house - even if the house is in top shape. To make sure the driveway contributes to the overall the curb appeal you want, be sure to fill in any cracks in the asphalt.

5. Make Sure Your Home Is Priced Appropriately

Asking for too much for your house can cost you more time and money in the long run. The right price will attract buyers but still allow you to come away with a profitable deal. Traditionally, housing costs about 30 percent of a person's income, but what a buyer is willing to pay is relative to each person.

For those comfortable with a competitive strategy, you can lower the price slightly and hope for a bidding war to drive the price back up. If you're not sure what the house is worth or are not certain how much is too much, consult your real estate agent.

6. Be On-Call for Showings

Living in your home and showing it to potential buyers means your home is continuously clean and staged. This may be inconvenient, but it can get your house sold quickly for a higher price. Working with the schedules of potential buyers can get more eyes on your house and produce more offers for you to consider.

Set Your House up for Success

Tending to the details can help your house make a huge impact on potential buyers. Keep these six tips in mind to get your house in top shape and off the market.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington