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If anyone else has been thinking about a prepaid cell phone, at DG this week they have their Tracphones for $9.75.
Regular price is $15.00, so that's not a HUGE savings, but $5.25 isn't anything to laugh about either!:blush:

There are two models, a silver Kyocera or a black Motorola.
Both are the "brick" phones and this does not include any minutes.

Sale ends this upcoming Sunday, August 10th and there is a limit two per purchase.
These would also make great Christmas presents for a teen or even a family member.
I personally bought it for myself, but am planning on going back to get two more for each of my teenagers.

****Oh & FYI, this week at Rite Aid they have their 650 minute cards for $29.99, buy one get one 1/2 off.
So that's 1300 minutes for around $45.00, not bad.
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