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90% off all Holiday things, no sign advertising as such, but it's true! My finds include:

-mini schnauzer ornament for my friend for next year- .49
-4 rolls of wrapping paper, .19-.29 each
-holiday decorative big jar candle- .59
-dog toys, seem ok for my big dogs too, pretty rugged- .49 each

Had pretty tree skirts for 1.99, boxes and boxes of cards also 90% off.....I -just- missed the last few 'holiday' toys- the lady had 2 BIG rc cars in her cart from that clearance, last ones, she paid $2.90 each instead of $29.99. Drat! Plenty of holiday boxes and tissues too...though my RA was out of bows.

Happy stocking up for next year! And don't miss the 'simplify' 4 pack of reg. tp for $1, get a $1 UP rewards, it's FREE. A few coupons on their 'video values' for $1 off your non-prescription could do REALLY well between the coupons and sale, get a bunch for free!
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