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a day in the life of an angora rabbit :)

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It's been an exciting couple days for the bunnies. One of the things I do for them is grow seed. Yesterday the first of the sunflowers was ready to harvest so I split it between the boys.

You can see in that pic that Mittens little forehead hair was thinning. That is a sign that they are ready to shed so I've been keeping an eye on them. I had english angoras before that need to be sheared. So this part was all new to me. But look what I ended up with today...a bunny fleece.

Here is the bunny butt the wool came off of. It was very cool the way the fur separated on it's own and peeled off in one piece.

There is more to go and Socks is only just starting to shed a little, but it's going to be in the 90s today and tomrrow and then back down to the 70s this weekend, so I'll likely wait until then to poke at them again.

Then the next steps are just learning to spin with my antique wheel

And I've always been a crocheter, so I need to perfect my knitting skills to more effeciently use my yarn

So it'll still be a while before I'm skilled enough to make my first piece from backyard raised, hand spun, and hand knitted yarn...but it'll be worth it!
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So cute, love the bunny!
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