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This list comes from:
The Simplicity Resource Guide [].

1. Andrews, Cecile. Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life. New York: Harper Collins, 1997.

2. Aslett, Don. Clutter's Last Stand: It's Time to De-Junk Your Life. Cincinnati: Writer's Digest Books, 1984.

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106. Winter, Barbara J. Making a Living Without a Job: Winning Ways for Creating Work that You Love. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1993.

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108. Zelinski, Ernie. The Joy of Not Working: A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 3rd edition, 1997.

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This is a great list if your serious about simple living. Many of these books I've read, a few I wouldn't read. Hope you enjoy and happy reading!! If you have anymore books you've found interesting on simple living, inner simplicity, please add them.

Many of these books can be picked up from your local library. I usually try to do that first, before I purchase a book.

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Holy COW! WOW what a list!

Several of my favourites in there, and plenty I've never heard of, and need to get moving on.

Thankyou for that CJ, I can print that list out and take it to the library and get them to order stuff in on interlibrary loan if they dont' have it.

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More books:

~The complete idiot's guide to simple living / by Georgene Lockwood
~Frugal Living for Dummies, Deborah Taylor-Hough
~101 Ways to Simplify Your Life, Paul Borthwick
~The Best of Living Cheap News, Larry Roth
~Simplicity, Kim Thomas
~Use Less Stuff, Bob Libenfield
~Cheap Tricks, Andy Dappen
~The Simple Life, Larry Roth (excellant book)
~Simplify Your Life, Elaine St. James (and she has other books) (she has some wonderful ideas in her books and I also find her books very thought provoking.)

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~Six weeks to a Simpler Lifestyle, DeGrote-Sorenson, Barbara
~Keeping Life Simple, Karen Levine
~Use Less Stuff - Robert Lilienfield & Rathje William
~Simpler Living - Compassionate Life, Michael Schut
~Everyday Simplicity, Robert J. Wicks

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what a wonderful list! i have three of the books listed and each of them are dog-eared and re-read! lol

1. circle of simplicity - easy to understand, very informative, inspiring

2. 30 days to a simpler life - wonderful task-oriented book, motivational

3. the joy of not working - thought provoking, enlightening excercises

i printed off the list of books and i'm definitely going to explore a few more. thanks so much for sharing this list! :hug2:

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"Tis a Gift to be Simple"
"Shopping for a Better World"
"Simpler Living, Compassionate Life" (really a group study)
"Living More with Less"


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Note: I recently posted this message on another thread, but I thought it fit better here.

A few days ago I checked out Material World from the library. While not specifically a book about simplicity, it really motivated me to reassess what I think of as a necessity and to appreciate all the luxuries I take for granted.

The book explores, through photographs and short essays, the lifestyles of "average" citizens of countries throughout the world. It's interesting to compare family sizes, energy footprints, and food costs as a percentage of income, among other things.

It's fascinating peek into the lives of our peers all over the world. Furthermore, it inspired some really wonderful & insightful conversations with my young daughter, who sat for hours last night, paging through the book and asking questions about what she saw.

I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Wow, Crikey that is one humungous list. And thanks too I will definately check some of them out.:grad::csign:
cheers froggy

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How to live on almost nothing and have plenty by Janet Chadwick

This is a wonderful book but you should check it out of the library. The cheapest used copy I've found is $17.90 and I have seen copies at $75.00:thud:

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'The Original Girls Handy Book" by Lina Beard & Adelia Belle Beard. Originally published in 1887. I love the crafts projects, especially the holiday ones. The book explains the how many of the holiday crafts and traditions were brought from Europe, the country of origin and the original seasonal significance. Most everything is made with scraps or things found outside.

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The Elaine St. James books are the ones that started me on this journey. I like her writings.

They get a little redundant (too many books on the same thing) but the original 'Simplify Your Life' says it all.

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Wow! Thank you for such a comprehensive list! And all the adders! Keep em comin! Always looking for new books ;)

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Great list! I never noticed it before. :)

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MOre with Less Cookbook and LIving More with Less . The first is published by the Mennonite Central Committee, I'm not sure about the 2nd.


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Mahalo for the suggestions!! Just reading the titles made me relax. Am going to print out the list (with all additions) and take it to my favorite bookstore tomorrow - see what they have for 10 cents!!

Perfect timing too - it's summer!!

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Wow, that's some list!
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