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Actually made some extra payments

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this month. Don't know how we had it, but we made 3 extra payments this month. We probably should have combined it to one but 3 was a compromise. It will actually get each of the cards paid off a month early and with the snowball really helps...or will in the long run. Might try it again next month.
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great job !!!!!
Great job!
That's awesome, Mojjo, keep up the good work!!!
Awesome job! Congrats!!!!!
I hopeI can do that soon!
Those extra payments are so much fun! We finally got our reimbursement check from DH's union for my glasses and eye exam, and we were able to send the whole $600 to our smallest debt. Cut it in half! Whammo! DH gets paid Friday and we will be putting another $200-300 on it. It should be resting in peace by Thanksgiving, if not sooner.
YAY for you!!!!!! That feeling of knocking down debt one step at a time (and a BIG step!) never gets old!
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