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I wrote this poem at a very bitter time in my life, however I still like it and I think it 'says' alot.


You're so very fast to judge me,
to prosecute my sins,
No need ~ my sickness sentences me,
and so addiction wins.

When did you drink out of my cup?
Have you lived inside my hell?
Is my bondage holding you?
that you know my heart so well.

Have you yearned for self-destruction?
Have you ached to feel it's sting?
Have you been chained and crushed and twisted,
for the satisfaction that it will bring?

What do you know about my pain,
to shout of how I'm lost,
Can you really see inside of me?
Do you know how much it's cost?

You of little understanding,
don't run to me to preach,
What is it you know of love?
When you have none in reach.

You're blessed that Jesus loves you,
but he came for me the same,
and the mighty man that you adore,
died and took MY blame.

So just because you've not walked my path,
and never stooped beneath my cross,
it doesn't mean I'm past His love,
I'm not a total loss.

Do you believe nothing is beyond Him?
Do you believe He loves us all?
So why do you rush to judge me,
like I'm not worthy of his call?

While I'm held in bondage,
My Saviour holds the key,
and if you think that you're released,
then perhaps you'd pray for me!

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Wow Bev! You have amazing talent!!

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Excellent! I've always wished that I were gifted with rhyme, but my bent is prose and blank verse. Lovely piece, bev!!
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