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Allergic to Paint??

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I deal with a lot of allergies, but handle them pretty well. Mostly I'm allergic to cats, dogs, rabbits, mold, dust, grass that has been mowed, cigarette smoke, eucalyptus, ivory soap....

But tonight something weird happened. Hubby and I were painting the bathroom, using Dutch Boy paint. It's a small space. About 30 minutes before we finished, I began sneezing so hard that I scarcely had time to breathe. My nose flowed like a pump, and my head seemed to fill with such pressure, that my ears hurt and I literally could not hear anything. It was scary. I rapidly took a benedryl and an allergy pill, and now about an hour later, it is calming down.

Could I be allergic to paint? I've done a lot of painting over the years, and have never had anything like this happen before. Thought it might be the brand, as I've never used it before. Or it might be the small unventilated space?

Anyone else allergic to paint?
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I am so sorry you had a reaction, glad to hear you are feeling a little better now. Yes my kids and I have allergies ,and use to get reactions to paints as well. Could be the VOC's:

VOC is short for volatile organic compound. In plain terms, these are chemical liquids that evaporate at room temperature. Examples of these include solvents used in low VOC or traditional paints (such as ethylene and propylene glycols, paint thinner/turpentine). The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has identified paints to be a major contributor to VOCs inside our homes and in the environment. VOCs contribute to poor indoor air quality, have measurable negative effect on human health, and VOCs contribute to smog/air pollution. ( taken from Yolo paints)

This is the brand I now use which has no VOC's:

YOLO Colorhouse: No VOC Paint, Non Toxic, Low Odor Eco Paints

Hopefully once you get air in there , it will clear out and you will be better. Maybe allergies or as you said small unventilated space. Sending hugs your way.
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Oh yes!! Allergies to paint are common. I find brands are very important. I look for low odor brands.
We painted the house in Tampa before we sold it, that's how I found out I was allergic to paint.

The painting I did this past summer I used milk paint only because of this, although the exterior paint we bought was conventional. I won't have conventional paint in the house because of my allergies. Check out milk paint, it works just fine and has NO VOCs.

Yep, VOC's will do it every time. I can't paint with Behr, Sherwin WIlliams or Dutchboy. Glidden and Lowe's brand seem ok. It's weird, Behr, Sw, and Dutchboy actually make me feel like vomiting then I start with the watery eyes etc.

Good luck with your painting.
Well, that is pretty scary. Hope you are feeling better.
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