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Wow I come to this site a lot but never post any more hmmm maybe can try again.

1 kid in college now, 1 graduating this yr. from HS. the other still 2 yrs. to go

oldest in Ca. has 4 foster to adopt. kids now, and are barley making it even with the money for fostering. The poor girls always seem to be getting sick too. But I know they are loved and taken care of. And they even look like they could be their natural parents!

Today maybe the last day of my sons HS wrestling career, as tournements start for state. I really belive that this has kept him out of trouble with some of the wrong kids.

We just got a fresh 2 in. of snow over the night too. and it has been below freezing for the past month and more with just a few wacky warm days in there.

Turned 50 in Jan. so my saying is "50 and fabulous" yup so that means I am trying to get in shape again lol. started the day after my bday on the 18th. down 10 pounds as I type this too!

Off to get another cup of coffee.
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