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almost debt free

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my husband had more than $1300 still in student loans that we were chipping away at but seemed to bet getting nowhere with them-esp when the economy tanked.

well in late April(the day of the royal wedding in fact) my life insurance company through work cheesed me off for the last time and i cancelled my policy(i have life insurance elsewhere that is cheaper and 100x less of a headache)

they paid me what i had coming to me(as far as what i had been putting in weekly from my check) anywho- it was enough to COMPLETELY 1000% pay off his student loans. we were totally thrilled! hubbys mood has changed completely.

the only thing that stands in the way pf us being debt free is like maybe $900 in cc debt, but we are paying that down now. hopefully by the end of the year(fingers crossed)
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