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I just wanted to sort of do a fun pop quiz type thing :D I'm in an energetic mood today ;)

1) How many fresh green veggies are in your fridge? What are they? How will you incorporate them into your meals today?

2) How many different colors of veggies/fruits do you have? Will you eat one of each today? Or do you tend to stick to one or two colors a day?

3) What's the most exotic fruit/veggie you have in your fridge? And hey, if an orange is the most exotic, then list that too!! :D

4) What source/s of calcium do you have in your kitchen? Let's fight osteoporosis early on and get lots in our daily diet :)

5) Last but not least, what foods do you have on hand to ward off those munchies? :D

Oh! And if you can only answer a few questions, that's totally OK too! :)
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