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An honest (curiosity based) question for Obama supporters

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Glenn Beck has posed this question for his show Monday and it got me thinking and curious.

For those of you that are planning to vote for Obama on Nov 4th (or have already done so with early voting) ~ and if you don't mind sharing ~ I am simply curious as to why you believe he deserves your vote.

Obviously, I am a McCain supporter, and I freely admit that I just haven't seen anything in the media, debates, etc....that makes me want to vote for Obama. So, for those of you that are voting for him, I'm just curious ~ why?

To be clear ~ I'm not setting you up to bash you or slam your arguments. And I'd ask that the other McCain supporters here show the same respect. I just...I don't understand all of the support this man has received and considering its likely he's going to be our next President ~ I'd like to try to understand.

Thank You.
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I may as well out myself. I've always considered myself a conservative and even a Republican (a real republican, ie, a libertarian.) But I've always ended up voting Democrat. I'm 26, btw, so keep in mind how many elections I've actually been old enough to vote in. :laugh:

Quite frankly, I'm sick of the Republican party. Absolutely freakin' sick of them.

I don't like taxes. I don't like infringements upon my personal liberties. I don't like playin' cop to every other damn country in the world. These are the things that the Republican party have traditionally stood for and god bless 'em for it.

The party today is a f***in' joke.

If you're going to spend gazillions of dollars of taxpayer money for a no good reason, then by god give me HEALTHCARE instead of a bunch of dead soldiers of fat cat bankers. Don't talk to me about personal liberties and then go pushing unsafe vaccines that are manufactured by the company you're profiting from. Don't act like you support small government and then push things like the damned patriot act. Don't pretend like you want to cut government spending when you're blowing money on corporate welfare. Forgive me if I'm a little suspicious about the standards and accountability in education when so many of the people pushing it are profiting from both the perpetuation of a test-happy system and a the hysteria it creates.

I know what a free market looks like. This is not it! Don't use the perfectly valid concepts of brilliant free market economists to push your dirty practices whenever it suits you.

This is a lesser of two evils here. I've always believed in free markets and free enterprise, but apparently the Republican party does not. I've always supported the traditional ideals of the Republican party and I've always defended a lot of their practices. Quite honestly, I feel like a damned tool for it.
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What do you expect him to do, pass it around to every skeptic in the country? ;TBQH most people don't even care or aren't questioning it, which would explain why he doesn't care that much to prove it's authenticity. Grasping at straws is what I'd call it.

And yes, I'd call the lawsuit a stunt. You don't pull some nonsense like that on principle. No one's questioning the authenticity of John McCain's birth certificate. He wasn't even born in the US, was he?
Yeah Jason, I'm aware that there's a libertarian party. Thanks for that though. :laugh:

What it comes down to basically is whether I want to throw my vote on principle. It sounds kind of noble, but I'd still be losing.
And as to the why/why not question, you can hardly blame us when our entire political system has more or less boiled down to "That guy's a terrorist", "He doesn't know how to use email", "His wife plaigarized a cookie recipe", "She faked a pregnancy!" and so on and so forth. It's very hard to cut through the bullshit. Their platform statements don't get nearly as much air time.
I used to like Glenn Beck. I parted ways with a bunch of "small government" conservatives during that Terry Schiavo mess.
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