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An honest (curiosity based) question for Obama supporters

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Glenn Beck has posed this question for his show Monday and it got me thinking and curious.

For those of you that are planning to vote for Obama on Nov 4th (or have already done so with early voting) ~ and if you don't mind sharing ~ I am simply curious as to why you believe he deserves your vote.

Obviously, I am a McCain supporter, and I freely admit that I just haven't seen anything in the media, debates, etc....that makes me want to vote for Obama. So, for those of you that are voting for him, I'm just curious ~ why?

To be clear ~ I'm not setting you up to bash you or slam your arguments. And I'd ask that the other McCain supporters here show the same respect. I just...I don't understand all of the support this man has received and considering its likely he's going to be our next President ~ I'd like to try to understand.

Thank You.
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Thank You all for your honesty.

I said I wouldn't slam your opinions, and I won't. The one thing I really wanted to know was if this election was really all that different from others. I keep hearing (in the media and elsewhere) about all of the "Obama Love" and the "groupies" that you guys mentioned and I really wanted to know if this was the case across the nation.

Your answers confirmed for me (as I do believe ~ even though only three of you have responded so far ~ that you guys truly represent the majority of those that will vote Democrat).

In other words, just like every other election since the beginning of time, while the candidate of choice shares a lot of your beliefs, it boils down to voting against one candidate, not so much voting for the other one.

And Republicans aren't immune. I'm doing the same thing. McCain, I dont' think, has all of the answers and we differ on some issues. But I differ more with Obama. McCain wouldn't be my first choice, so I'm, in essence, voting against Obama.

Again, I'm not trying to spark a debate and I'm not looking to argue the issues (we'll use other threads for that!) :)

I was merely curious if this election truly was all that different than those of the past (race & gender aside).
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Greebo ~ that's what I was trying to get at here, without being obvious about it.

MoonMommy ~ that's precisely why I didn't want to be obvious about it, because life decisions aren't so cut and dry.

I was just wondering what I would get more of: "why's" or "why nots"

So far, I really think its fairly even. And I'm ok with that :)
.....but in the end, we are both Americans,
This actually up for debate right now. A Democrat from PA (Phillip J. Berg) has filed a lawsuit (dated Sept 15) compelling Obama to produce an original copy of his birth certificate to be authenticated by a court of law. Obama had 30 days to answer the papers served to him. He has not done so. Berg is now trying to get the court to declare Obama's lack of response as an admission of guilt (which is allowable by law).

He is now calling for the DNC to withdraw Obama's candiacy for reasons of ineligibility and to nominate a new candidate.

I dont' have to time to post a bunch of links, but if you google "Phillip J Berg Obama lawsuit" lots and lots of info comes up.
Do you think that actually has validity or do you think that lawsuit is just a crock of poop or a stunt?
The only reason I'm giving any creadance (sp?) to this lawsuit is because its being filed not by some Joe Schmoe, but by a political figure (he's the former Deputy AG, I believe).

I heard him on the radio last night and he gives a compelling arguement for why he believes Obama is avoiding the issue. He also noted that there is not a single Federal Agency charged with confirming the eligibility of Presidential candidates. Until this year its never been an issue. He's been asked by several of the "elders" of the DNC to basically "shut the hell up" ~ which leaves me curious.

He stated he believes that Obama's grandmother's health is not as grave as has been reported and that he simply needed an excuse to go to Hawaii to dispose of some papers to show he's not eligible.....not sure if I buy that one or not.

But I am curious as to why Obama has not produced an original Birth Certificate when asked to do so??? (he has provided an altered copy of a Hawaiian bc ~ but its been altered, so therefore invalid). If its a non issue, why not just produce the proof and let it go to rest? Why resist?
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Please note the last date on that snopes article (last updated in August). This new lawsuit compelling Obama to allow the court to authenticate the certificate was filed in Sept '08

The snopes article is now outdated.

Berg isn't claiming that the document doesn't exist. He's asking that a court authenticate it because it hasn't been able to authenticated elsewhere (state records, etc...)
John McCain was born on U.S. Soil ~ as all military bases (even those in other countries) are considered U.S. Soil. His birth is a matter of public record.

Having someone bring in their own Hawaiian bc and saying "it looks identical" is not credible ~ in my opinion.

It matters because it clearly states in the Constitution that in order to be President of the United States ~ one must be a natural born citizen of the United States.

All that this lawsuit is asking (and I think its a legitimate question) is whether or not Barack Obama meets this criteria.
Is Politifact okay? It's from this summer.

From the end of the article...
The politifact article is even older than the snopes article. I'll state again ~ this lawsuit (compelling Obama to allow his original bc to be authenticated" is dates Sept of 2008.

Any source written before that is outdated and not relevant to this particular lawsuit.
again, it was last updated in Aug 2008.

I'm making reference to a lawsuit that wasn't even filed until Sept 2008.
Here is a copy of the lawsuit and what its alleging.

I also stand corrected ~ it is dated Aug 22, 2008. I misread something earlier.

It calls into question not only his place of birth ~ but also his dual citizenship and whether he has ever given that up. (per the constitution, the President is not permitted dual citizenship).
As I read further into the lawsuit ~ it states there is no record of Obama pledging his allegiance in order to regain his citizenship upon his 18th birthday. His mother forfeited his US citizenship (if he ever had it) when she naturalized herself and her minor child a citizen of Indonesia.

Upon his return to the States, there is no record of his pledging his allegiance (there would be public record of this) to regain his citizenship. There is, however, record of his using his Indonesian Passport at the age of 20 when he took a trip to Pakistan.

So, the lawsuit is not only calling into question his place of birth ~ but whether he's ever actually denounced this dual citizenship to Kenya and Indonesia.

In which case, he would also be ineligible for Presidency.
I understand the thinking of, if you are innocent, just show the darn thing. At the same time, I understand the thinking of, I am not even giving credence to this BS by responding to your demand.
I can truly see your point. However, with someone who has a background as colorful (for lack of a better term) about "complicated"? He had to have known that it would be open to total scrutiny.

With this much question in his background, why not say "Ok, I get it. I've led a life that is very different from most of you. Let me spell this out. This is what happened and when. You can all rest easy knowing that I am, in fact, eligible to be your President."

Then there would be no more question. Lay all of the facts out on the table. Show proof and BAM, the problems are gone. Why the secrecy?

When we first had our house on the market we had some issues with our hard wood floors. Our realtor gave us some great advice (the only good advice she gave) ~ she said "own the problem first. If you take ownership of the problem before the buyers do, its a non issue. They can't use it against you."

So, instead of all of the rumors and speculation going around, why not just set the record straight once and for all. Then the question dies and is no longer a "distraction from the issues".....unless there's something to hide.
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And look at that.....I've successfully hijacked my own thread.

OOPS! :blush:
Jason ~
The laws you are referencing concerning citizenship did not exist when Obama was born (according to the law suit ~ I haven't finished my own research on this yet).

Also, according to the law suit ~ when his mother became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia (Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship at the time) she gave up her citizenship to the US. As the law stated (at the time), if a mother gives up her citizenship and has sole custody of a minor child, the child's citizenship is forfeited as well (and she had Obama naturalized also).

Again, this is all taken from the lawsuit ~ I'm still researching.
Katybird ~
Thank you for your honest answer. I don't happen to agree with a lot of your stances on the issues, but as promised, I will not try to refute those.

Even though I hijacked this thread ~ I do appreaciate everyone's honesty here (when answering the original question).
Seeing as this thread has already been hijacked once (by me)

and I'm really itching to get into the gun control debate....I'm moving it to a different thread. anyone care to join me?
asimplegirl ~
I do want to correct you on one point. The qualification requirements differ from state to state. We live in the state of WA and in order to legally purchase a gun and have a permit a background check and waiting period is required. No qualifiaction/no training. In order to get a concealed weapons permit one must simply fill out an application.

Now....let's continue this debate over in the other thread! I promised these Obama supporters that their opinions would be safe from debate here!!!!!!
You cannot just fill out an application and receive a permit anywhere in this country.

You have to meet requirements, also. Here are laws for Benton, WA.

Just because you apply doesn't mean you get it.
I didn't mean to imply that if you filled out the application you automatically receive the permit.

I was merely pointing out that there is no tests, no qualification shooting, no proof that you even know how to work your gun. If your fingerprints/background check comes back clear, you are over the legal age (I believe Benton's said 21) and you pay the fee you are eligible.

ETA: exactly as your next post pointed out. No training, no classes necessary. Its a state by state issue.
That's fine. :)

Like you said, it differs state to state. We have tighter restrictions for people here, but we are locally a democratic state, lol.
We are one of the bluest states in the union. I was SHOCKED to find out how lax our gun laws are. Not sure how the Dems around here let that happen....go figure!

ETA: Never mind. We are so blue because of Seattle. The rest of the state is actually very I guess that's how we got our gun laws.
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