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An honest (curiosity based) question for Obama supporters

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Glenn Beck has posed this question for his show Monday and it got me thinking and curious.

For those of you that are planning to vote for Obama on Nov 4th (or have already done so with early voting) ~ and if you don't mind sharing ~ I am simply curious as to why you believe he deserves your vote.

Obviously, I am a McCain supporter, and I freely admit that I just haven't seen anything in the media, debates, etc....that makes me want to vote for Obama. So, for those of you that are voting for him, I'm just curious ~ why?

To be clear ~ I'm not setting you up to bash you or slam your arguments. And I'd ask that the other McCain supporters here show the same respect. I just...I don't understand all of the support this man has received and considering its likely he's going to be our next President ~ I'd like to try to understand.

Thank You.
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I have been talking to some people around here. It really scares me what some people are saying.
For some, it's just a matter of race. I just stood there dumbfounded! I asked them if they even cared about the issues and they told me yes, but this is a historic election and they wanted to be a part of history. OMG!!!!
For most of them, it's about issues. They believe the lies that McCain is against stem cell research.
They are listening to the hype about McCain and the tax breaks. They have not done research to find out why he wants to give those companies those breaks. They feel that Obama is going to help with the economy by taxing the rich. Well, it's going to help the economy all right, TANK it.
Some have said that they don't feel comfortable voting for McCain, because of Palin and her inexperience. I asked about Obama's and get this, one person said, He's a man, he can wing it better! Can you believe that???????
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